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HP-UX Containers (SRP)

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Prerequisites for HP-UX Containers

The HP-UX Containers A.03.01.007 product requires one of the following operating environments on HP 9000 and HPE Integrity Servers:

  • HP-UX 11i v3 March 2014 (B.11.31.1403)

  • HP-UX 11i v3 March 2013 (B.11.31.1303)

  • HP-UX 11i v3 September 2012 (B.11.31.1209)

  • HP-UX 11i v3 March 2012 (B.11.31.1203)

NOTE: See HP-UX Containers (SRP) A.03.01.007 Release Notes to get a complete list of products that are included in HP-UX Containers.

NOTE: HP-UX Containers version A.03.01.007 depot does not include latest version of dependent products. To install HP-UX Containers version A.03.01.007 or later, it is recommended to check newer versions of dependent products from respective product pages. Search product webpage on

The following table contains the dependent products.

Bundle Name Product name
AccessControl HP-UX Role-Based Access Control Infrastructure
AuditExt HP-UX Audit Extensions
ContainmentExt HP-UX Security Containment Extensions
DynSysVSem  Dynamic System V Semaphores
FileSystem-SRP Filesystem Enhancement for SRP
HPUX-Streams-SRP Streams SRP Bundle
HPUXTransportSRP Xport SRP Bundle
ONCplus ONC+ 2.3

Prerequisites for HP-UX SRP

HP-UX SRP A.02.02 requires the following software:

  • HP-UX 11i Version 3 (B.11.31) for HPE 9000 and HPE Integrity servers.
  • HP-UX Security Containment Compartment Login and HP-UX Security ContainmentPlus. HPE recommends installing HP-UX Security Containment Extensions version B.11.31.02, which includes the Compartment Login and ContainmentPlus features.

NOTE: Refer to the HP-UX SRP A.02.02 Release Notes to get the latest recommendations for network related issues and patches.

The following HP-UX IPFilter, HP-UX IPSec, and HPE PRM versions are required if you are using SRP to manage these subsystems:

  • HP-UX IPFilter version A. or later
  • HP-UX IPSec version A.02.01.01 or later
  • HPE Process Resource Manager (PRM) version C.03.03.01 or later

Installing HP-UX Containers or HP-UX SRP

To install HP-UX Containers A.03.01.007 or HP-UX SRP A.02.02 on your HP-UX 11i v3 system, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure your system meets all prerequisites described above.
  2. Click Receive for Free.
  3. Enter your registration information. Read and accept the Terms and Conditions and the Software License Agreement. Click Next.
  4. Click Download. Save the HP-UX-SRP bundle as a local file on your system.

    For example: /tmp/depot_name.depot

  5. Verify that the depot file is on your system using the following command:

    # swlist -d @ /tmp/depot_name.depot

  6. Log into your system as the root user.
  7. To install the HP-UX-SRP bundle for HP-UX Containers, enter:

    # swinstall -x autoreboot=true -s /tmp/depot_name.depot \*

    To install the CMGR product for HP-UX SRP, enter:

    # swinstall -x autoreboot=true -s /tmp/depot_name.depot CMGR

    To install the CMGR and SRP products for HP-UX SRP, enter:

    # swinstall -x autoreboot=true -s /tmp/depot_name.depot HP-UX-SRP

    The swinstall command displays an error message if the installation fails. Check the file var/adm/sw/swagent.log for information if the installation fails.

  8. Run the swverify command to ensure that the products that you selected installed correctly. If the installation is successful, many files are displayed and a success message appears after the verification is complete.

    If you installed the HP-UX Containers product, enter:

    # swverify HP-UX-SRP

    If you installed the CMGR product for HP-UX SRP, enter:

    # swverify CMGR

    If you installed the CMGR and the SRP products for HP-UX SRP, enter:

    # swverify HP-UX-SRP

Uninstalling HP-UX Containers

Use the following steps to remove (un-install) the HP-UX Containers or HP-UX SRP product from your HP-UX 11i v3 system:

  1. Log into your system as the root user.
  2. For HP-UX Containers, stop all configured containers:

          # srp -stop container_name

  1. For HP-UX Containers, remove all configured containers:

          # srp -delete container_name

  1. For HP-UX Containers, disable HP-UX Containers:

          # srp_sys -disable

  1. Remove the HP-UX-SRP bundle for the HP-UX Containers product by using the following command:

          # swremove -x autoreboot=true HP-UX-SRP

          Note: Remove all dependencies (installed at the time of product installation) before removing HP-UX-SRP bundle.

  1. Use the swlist command to verify that HP-UX Containers or HP-UX SRP was removed from the system. The swlist command will not report the components of HP-UX Containers or HP-UX SRP if they were successfully removed from the system.

          For more information on steps 2, 3, and 4, see HP-UX Containers (SRP) A.03.01 Administrator Guide

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