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All product documentation including release notes can be found online at Additionally installation instructions can be found on the Documentation tab of Insight Management DVD #1 or the Installation Guide PDF in the Insight Control server provisioning zip file. It is always a good idea to read the release notes prior to starting an installation or upgrade.  Release notes contain the list of changes, known issues as well as installation and configuration tips.

Using the Downloaded Files:

After downloading the software from HPE, make sure to run a checksum on the downloaded image or file.  Checksum values are listed on the download page.  Due to the size of the downloaded files, we recommend using the HPE download manager, a third-party download manager or a browser with an embedded download manager (like Firefox).

Insight Management DVDs:  Once you have the DVD ISO images, you can either burn physical media or use a virtual DVD drive utility.  If you are burning physical media, pay attention to the stated size of the DVD ISO image (dual-layer or single-layer) to make sure you have the correct physical media type.  If you are using a virtual DVD utility, be sure to configure the software to remount the image after a reboot since most installs and upgrades will require a reboot during the install process.  If you are using the Insight Management DVDs, the HPE Insight Management integrated installer and all product documentation are located on DVD #1. You will need both DVDs only if you are installing or upgrading products from DVD #2.  The installer will prompt you for the DVD #2 location if it is needed.

OneView for Microsoft System Center DVD: Once you have the DVD ISO image, you can either burn physical media or use a virtual DVD drive utility. 

OneView for VMware vCenter (formerly Insight Control for VMware vCenter) exe: Run the downloaded exe to start your installation process

OneView for Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization:  Unpack and install the downloaded package using tar and rpm.

Insight Control server provisioning: Open the downloaded zip file, locate the Insight Control Server Provisioning Installation Guide PDF file and follow the instructions to start your installation.


HPE Insight Management software licenses deliver license entitlement certificates in place of license activation keys. Part numbers that delivered license activation keys by physical shipment in the past now deliver license entitlement certificates by physical shipment. Part numbers for electronic licenses will deliver the license entitlement certificates online.

The license entitlement certificate directs you to and will contain the information you need to redeem your license activation keys online.

This electronic redemption process enables you to easily manage your license activation keys. You can store or share license activation keys electronically, which not only supports HPE's environment-friendly approach but also offers you the convenience of not having to either file away or throw away confidential paper licenses. And, you can still choose to print your license activation keys.

In addition, the electronic redemption process enables HPE to automatically register you for Software Technical Support and Update Services (if included in the product that you purchased), eliminating one extra step for you.

Trial licenses can be obtained from

The integrated installer on Insight Management DVD #1 must be run to install the HPE Insight Management licensing capabilities for the Insight Control, VCEM and Matrix Operating Environment.  To apply license keys, reference the instructions in the user guide or on

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