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HP SMH (System Management Homepage) for HP-UX

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HP SMH (System Management Homepage)

For February 2018, WEB1802 Release

The HP SMH (System Management Homepage) product provides an Installation Guide for the HP-UX, Linux, and Windows operating systems. This Installation Guide contains the following information:

  • Product Overview
  • Installation Requirements
  • Preparing to install HP SMH
  • Installing on HP-UX
  • Installing on Windows
  • Installing HP SMH Using the HP Smart Update Manager (HPSUM) utility
  • Installing HP SMH directly on Linux operating systems
  • Installing HP SMH directly on Itanium-based Linux operating systems
  • Installing HP SMH directly on Linux using Linux Deployment Utility
  • Initializing the Software for the First Time
  • Signing in and signing out of HP SMH
  • Uninstalling HP SMH
  • Support and other resources

The Installation Guide is available on the HPE Technical Documentation website at:, for which you need to select HP-UX Diagnostics Software --> HP-UX Offline Diagnostics Software.

Additionally, for Linux and Windows releases, Installation Guide is available at the HP SMH (System Management Homepage) at:

Installation Overview Additional information