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Product details and specifications

Product details & specifications


All product documentation including release notes can be found online at It is always a good idea to read the release notes prior to starting an installation or upgrade. Release notes contain the list of changes, known issues, installation tips, and configuration tips.

Using the Downloaded Files

Due to the size of the downloaded files, use a download manager that supports resuming downloads. You can use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, but not Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) as it cannot transfer large files.


Because HPE Software Depot is cryptographically secured by HPE, downloading the software from HPE ensures that the virtual appliance image is from HPE. Or, use the freely available GPG tools to validate the authenticity and integrity of the file. For example:

gpg --verify HPE_OneView_<version>.ova.sig HPE_OneView_<version>.ova


See the following web page for detailed verification instructions:


Note: The digital signature verification step is not required for upgrade installations. The upgrade file (the *.bin file) is already digitally signed, and the digital signature is automatically validated during the upgrade procedure.

Once you have the downloaded the HPE OneView .zip file, extract its contents. To install the virtual appliance, deploy the extracted OVF file to a VM host in a VMware vSphere environment or a Microsoft Hyper-V VM.


HPE OneView 1.20 introduced a new licensing model: HPE OneView Standard and HPE OneView Advanced.

  • HPE OneView Standard license is for monitoring server hardware. This license provides entry-level management including: basic monitoring, inventory and reporting.  Access is provided to REST API usage and to common user interface capabilities like Smart Search, Activity View, Dashboard and Map View. HPE OneView Standard licenses are automatically applied.
  • HPE OneView Advanced license is for managing server hardware and enclosures. This license purchase provides all the capabilities in HPE OneView Standard plus additional software-defined capabilities -- including profile-driven configuration management, storage provisioning, Virtual Connect management, firmware management, environmental management, remote management (if purchased with HPE iLO Advanced), and standard partner integrations with Microsoft System Center, and VMware vCenter.

Note: HPE OneView licenses sold previous to the HPE OneView 1.20 release have the same rights as HPE OneView Advanced licenses.

HPE OneView Advanced requires a license for each managed server. The following two types of licenses are available for HPE OneView Advanced:

  • HPE OneView Advanced
    • This type provides a license for both HPE OneView Advanced and HPE iLO Advanced, which enables access to all features.
  • HPE OneView Advanced without iLO Advanced
    • This type provides an HPE OneView Advanced license only (but no HPE iLO Advanced license).
    • This license is intended for server hardware with iLOs that are already licensed, or server hardware for which you do not require an iLO license.

Note: The following instructions are not for servers with factory-embedded licenses. However, the purchase of HPE OneView Advanced entitles you to receive Web Based Training (WBT) for HPE OneView and the use of HPE OneView for VMware vCenter integrations, and HPE OneView for Microsoft System Center integration. See entitlements below.

You must use the HPE licensing portal at to activate and register your licenses. Then you must add the license keys to the HPE OneView management appliance.

Note: There is a 60-day trial period for HPE OneView Advanced obtained from the appliance without a license purchase. After this trial period expires, the appliance displays an alert if you do not have enough licenses to support the existing servers. The alert appears in the user interface after login and does not clear until you add enough licenses.

To add an HPE OneView Advanced license to the appliance:

1.      From the appliance's main menu, select Settings.

2.      Select Actions Add license. The Add license dialog box is displayed.

3.      Enter or paste your license key into the License Key box and click Add to complete the action or click Add+ to add another key.

To assign an HPE OneView Advanced license to a server:

1.    Select one of the two license types mentioned above when performing an Add of an enclosure or rack server to the appliance. Always select Managed when using HPE OneView Advanced licenses. The add operation retrieves a license from the appliance's license pool and assigns it to the server(s).

2.      If you have already added the server(s) without sufficient licenses in the pool, the next time you add licenses to the appliance, the licenses will be automatically assigned to the unlicensed server hardware.


Entitlement to Web Based Training

Your purchase of HPE OneView Advanced entitled you to receive an HPE OneView "Overview" web based training course (WBT) at no additional charge. This self-paced course is available to you 24x7 for 12 months following your HPE OneView Advanced purchase, and will provide general information regarding the HPE OneView product.

Once you register your HPE OneView Advanced licenses on the HPE licensing portal you can visit for step-by-step instructions as to how to obtain access to the HPE OneView Web-based Training Course.


Note: Users of HPE OneView Advanced standalone licenses can find their 25-character HPE iLO Advanced license key (in 5-by-5 format), separated by an underscore, at the end of the HPE OneView Advanced license key string. The HPE iLO Advanced license key would appear formatted like "..._XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX".


Entitlement to HPE OneView for Microsoft System Center

Your purchase of HPE OneView Advanced entitles you to use the HPE OneView for Microsoft System Center. HPE OneView for Microsoft System Center can be downloaded from



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