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HPE Cluster Extension for HPE Primera & HPE 3PAR

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HPE Cluster Extension (CLX) solution delivers unparalleled business continuity for your mission critical workloads with their data on HPE 3PAR or HPE Primera arrays. The solution’s sophisticated and robust automation will allow you to meet aggressive RTO and RPO objectives, while eliminating risks associated with manual disaster recovery procedures.  The CLX software is installed on servers. CLX integrates failover mechanism of stretched server clusters such as Microsoft Windows Failover cluster or IBM PowerHA with HPE Remote Copy replication on HPE 3PAR or HPE Primera storage arrays to provide automatic, unattended, robust disaster recovery for your mission critical workloads.


A CLX solution will have servers and storage arrays at two datacenters that are several kilometers apart, connected over a link. The servers in a datacenter are connected to the local storage array and they form a stretched cluster together with servers on the other datacenter. The storage array at each datacenter is setup to mutually replicate application data. In case of catastrophic outage at either of the datacenter, the stretched cluster performs failover of the protected applications to the servers at the surviving data center. With the help of CLX software the cluster’s failover mechanism will prepare the replicated (via Remote Copy) application data on the target data center, before restarting the applications. There is no need for server reboots, LUN presentation/ mapping changes, or any other manual intervention during disaster recovery. During a failover across data centers, the CLX solution also automatically reconfigures the replication direction, when possible to retain a resilient infrastructure all the time.


CLX software is currently available for Microsoft Windows Server and IBM AIX platform. It can be deployed in both physical and virtualized (VMware or Microsoft Hyper-V) environments. Starting from CLX 6.1, it can be used with a Remote Copy setup between two HPE 3PAR arrays, or two HPE Primera arrays, or between a HPE 3PAR and HPE Primera array.


For CLX product manuals, please visit Hewlett Packard Enterprise Information Library and select “Storage” tab.


For support information on CLX solution components, please refer to CLX Support Matrix HPE SPOCK (requires HPE Passport login), under “Array SW: Primera” link on the left side menu box. For Microsoft Windows Server platforms CLX Support Matrix use: “HPE Cluster Extension (CLX) for HPE Primera and HPE 3PAR Support Matrix  Microsoft Windows Server” and for IBM AIX platforms use: “HPE Cluster Extension (CLX) for HPE Primera and HPE 3PAR Support Matrix- IBM AIX



  • When using CLX with HPE 3PAR arrays, ensure you have appropriate CLX license as per the HPE CLX Support Matrix.

  • When using CLX in a mixed Remote Copy setup, between a HPE 3PAR array and a HPE Primera array, license for CLX on Primera arrays is included with HPE Primera All-Inclusive licenses; no additional licenses are required on the Primera array. For the 3PAR array, ensure the array has appropriate 3PAR OS versions and CLX licenses as per HPE CLX Support Matrix.

What you get

You will receive a copy of HPE Cluster Extension for Microsoft Windows or IBM AIX that can used with HPE Primera or HPE 3PAR. For available download packages, please see below Additional product information section.

Additional product information
Product #: 3PARCLX
Global Trade ID: -
Version: 6.1.0
Software specification: HPE Cluster Extension for HPE Primera & HPE 3PAR Windows x86 v6.1.0(BC885-10524.EXE)
HPE Cluster Extension for HPE Primera & HPE 3PAR Windows x64 v6.1.0 (BC885-10525.EXE)
HPE Cluster Extension for HPE Primera & HPE 3PAR AIX v6.1.00 (BC885-10526.tar)
HPE 3PAR CLX Windows x86 v5.00.00 (BC885-10517.exe)
HPE 3PAR CLX Windows x64 v5.00.00 (BC885-10518.exe)
HPE 3PAR CLX Windows x86 v4.03.02 (BC885-10522.exe)
HPE 3PAR CLX Windows x64 v4.03.02 (BC885-10523.exe)