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HPE 3PAR Cluster Extension 6.0 (CLX) software solution provides automatic, unattended, robust disaster recovery for your mission critical workloads. 3PAR Remote Copy replication technology protects your application data by keeping a continuous, consistent copy across two 3PAR arrays, in two data centers that are several kilometers apart. Server clustering technology deployed on servers in both data centers, in stretched fashion can failover application services across the data centers. CLX software integrates the stretched cluster’s failover mechanism with 3PAR’s Remote Copy replication technology to deliver a solution that protects both your application’s data and services from disasters.

In a CLX solution, In case of disastrous outage at any of the data centers, the clustering technology performs failover of the protected applications to the surviving data center. With the help of CLX software the cluster’s failover mechanism will prepare the replicated (via 3PAR Remote Copy) application data on the target data center, before restarting the applications. There is no need for server reboots, LUN presentation / mapping changes, or any other manual intervention during disaster recovery. During a failover across data centers, the CLX solution also automatically reconfigures the replication direction, when possible to retain a resilient infrastructure all the time.

CLX solution delivers unparalleled business continuity for your mission critical workloads with their data on 3PAR arrays. The solution’s sophisticated and robust automation will allow you to meet aggressive RTO and RPO objectives, while eliminating risks associated with manual disaster recovery procedures.

CLX software is currently available for Microsoft Windows Server Enterprise platform and can be deployed in both physical and virtualized (VMware or Microsoft Hyper-V) environments. CLX integrates with Microsoft Failover Cluster's failover mechanism to provide DR automation. HPE provides support and implementation services for CLX on Microsoft Windows environment, for more information, please visit: HPE Cluster Extension Software for more information about this product.

Starting from CLX 6.0, CLX software is also available for IBM AIX. On IBM AIX , CLX integrates Power HA clustering software's failover mechanism with 3PAR Remote Copy replication.

For CLX product manuals, please visit HPE Support Center. For support information on CLX solution components, please refer to: HPE 3PAR CLX Support Matrix (requires HPE Passport login).


Please note that starting CLX 5.0 licensing has changed for CLX on Windows

HPE 3PAR Cluster Extension (CLX) is a licensed product. Please procure appropriate license based on your configuration:

  3PAR OS 3.3.1 3PAR OS 3.2.2 3PAR OS 3.2.1
HPE 3PAR StoreServ 7000 & 10000

CLX 5.0 or higher

(Standalone Host or Device License)

CLX 4.03.02

(Standalone Host or Device License)

CLX 4.03.02

(Standalone Host or Device License)

HPE 3PAR StoreServ 8000 & 20000

CLX 5.0 or higher

(3PAR All Inclusive Multi-System License)

CLX 4.03.02

(Replication Suite License)


For licensing and ordering information please refer to HPE 3PAR Software Products QuickSpecs. CLX on IBM AIX is available along with 3PAR All Inclusive Multi-System License.

Additional References.

The following whitepapers on CLX are available at HPE Support Center.

Document Title: English Part Number:
Live Migration of Virtual Machines across data centers with HPE 3PAR Cluster Extension & Microsoft Hyper-V 863377-002a
Implementing HPE XP Cluster Extension for Windows in a VMWare Virtual Machine 4AA1-6982ENWa
Implementing HPE 3PAR StoreServ Cluster Extension for Windows in a VMware Virtual Machine 4AA1-6982ENWb
Implementing HPe EVA Cluster Extension for Windows in a VMware Virtual Machine 4AA1-6982ENWc
HPE 3PAR StoreServ Cluster Extension solution for HP 3PAR StoreServ 3DC environment 4AA5-3581ENW

What you get

You will receive a copy of HPE 3PAR Cluster Extension Software. For available download packages, please see below Additional product information section.

Additional product information
Product #: 3PARCLX
Version: 6.00.00
Software specification: HPE 3PAR CLX Windows x86 v6.00.00 (BC885-10519.EXE)
HPE 3PAR CLX Windows x64 v6.00.00 (BC885-10520.EXE)
HPE 3PAR CLX AIX v6.00.00 (BC885-10521.tar)
HPE 3PAR CLX Windows x86 v5.00.00 (BC885-10517.exe)
HPE 3PAR CLX Windows x64 v5.00.00 (BC885-10518.exe)
HPE 3PAR CLX Windows x86 v4.03.02 (BC885-10522.exe)
HPE 3PAR CLX Windows x64 v4.03.02 (BC885-10523.exe)