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A6795A 2Gbps Tachyon XL2 PCI Fibre Channel adapter EFI driver

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The Fibre Channel EFI driver version 0x1.37 supports booting from supported external Fibre Channel devices connected to A6795A 2 Gbps Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapters.


This driver provides the boot functionality allowing IPF systems running HP-UX 11i Version 1.6 or greater to be booted from external disks connected to A6795A Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapters.

Supported platforms

For a list of supported platforms, switches and devices for these adapters, please contact your HPE representative, or access the Fibre Channel HBA web site via the ITRC, On the ITRC home page, click on the "navigate knowledge trees and response center FAQs" link. If you have not logged in, you will see a login screen. After logging in, you will be on the "knowledge tree" page. Then navigate the links to "networks/mass storage connectivity/fibre channel/technical support" to reach the Fibre Channel HBA site.

Enhancements and Issues fixed

  • Fix for system boot failure with full FC enumeration enabled in a SAN having tape media.

  • Fix for alternate path boot failure seen in SAN configurations having multiple boot paths configured over a single A6795A FC adapter.

  • Fix for boot failures seen with 4Gb FC Brocade Fabrics.

  • Fix for diagnostic test failures seen w.r.t. A6795A FC adapters.

  • Fix for boot failures seen with FC Cisco Fabrics.

  • Support for latest revision of Offline Diagnostics FC EFI Lun Attributes Protocol. 

Known issues


Additional product information
Product #: A6795AEFI
Global Trade ID: -
Version: 0x1.37
Software specification: A6795A FC adapter EFI driver ROM image(fc_1_37.frm)
A6795A FC adapter EFI driver binary(fc_1_37.efi)
FCFUPDATE utility running under ODE to flash card(FCFUPDATE.EFI)
Offline Diagnostics Environment EFI binary(ODE.EFI)