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HP-UX Auditing System Extensions

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HP-UX Auditing System Extensions provides enhancements to the existing HP-UX auditing system, audit(5). Companies are increasing security spending to comply with one or more major regulations such as SOX, PCI, SB1386, and HIPAA. A common security requirement among these major regulations is audit and accountability. HP-UX Auditing System Extensions helps you better facilitate your regulatory compliance efforts.

HP-UX Auditing System Extensions provides two sets of features:

·         Audit Filtering Tools - A set of tools that helps customize and enforce the audit data pre-filtering policy on the system. A good pre-filtering policy is an efficient way to control the size and quality of the raw data and therefore minimizes the performance impact of auditing and reduces the operational cost associated with audit data management. The audit filtering tools consist of the following main components:


o    A configuration tool, audfilter, that interprets the filtering policy as specified in the configuration file, filter.conf, and puts the policy into effect. You can also use audfilter to display or clear out the filtering policy that is currently in effect.


o    A service daemon, audfilterd, that handles service requests from audfilter. It also tracks the mounted file system changes and makes sure the filtering policy is up to date with the new mounted file system information.


o    A dynamic loadable kernel module, audit_filters, that makes filtering decision and enforces the filtering policy in the kernel.



·         Audit Reporting Tools - A set of tools that facilitates the processing of previously collected HP-UX raw audit data and extracts useful information for compliance reporting purposes. The audit reporting tools consist of the following main components:


o    An audit data processing tool, auditdp, that selectively extracts audit data from the data source and writes the data to the target, converting the data format in the process.


o    An Audit Data Process Module Switch (Audit DPMS) framework that allows service modules to be plugged in to handle audit data in various formats. Applications can read audit data through common application programming interfaces (APIs), without having to understand the internal data format.



o    An Audit DPMS service module, audit_hpux_raw, that handles raw audit data collected by HP-UX auditing system.


o    An Audit DPMS service module, audit_hpux_portable, that handles audit data that is portable from systems to systems, and good for retention purpose. Also a sample script, audit_p2l, that demonstrates how to convert the portable data into syslog-like messages.



o    An Audit DPMS service module, audit_hpux_xml, that converts audit data into XML format. Also a sample script, audreport_generator, that demonstrates how to use the auditdp command and the XSLT stylesheets to generate a collection of web-based audit reports for regulation compliance purposes.


o    Sample audit report configuration templates for PCI and SOX that work with the audreport_generator script.

New in HP-UX Auditing System Extensions B.

HP-UX Auditing System Extensions Version B. includes:

·         Support for HP-UX 9000 Containers

·         Defect fixes

For more details, see the HP-UX Auditing System Extensions B. Release Notes available at:

Features and Benefits

HP-UX Auditing System Extensions offers the following features and benefits to better facilitate regulatory compliance:

·         Quality improvement of the collected audit data.

·         Performance increase by reducing the I/O activities of logging events that are not required to be logged.

·         Fine tune the set of auditable events based on customer-specific needs.

·         Cost reduction to manage the audit log data.

·         Ability to extract interesting data from HP-UX raw audit data through a command line interface and/or a set of common application programming interfaces (APIs).

·         Ability to generate web-based audit reports from HP-UX raw audit data for regulation compliance purpose with reduced cost.

Product Documentation

Use the following documents in conjunction with each other when using HP-UX Auditing System Extensions B.

·         HP-UX Auditing System Extensions B. Release Notes



Additional product information
Product #: AuditExt
Version: B.
Software specification: HP-UX 11i v3(AuditExt_B.