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The HP-UX Developer's Toolkit consists of libraries used for developing user interfaces. It includes X11R6 archive libraries, Motif 2.1 archive libraries, HPE CDE 2.1 archive libraries, sample programs, man pages, header files for X11R6, Motif2.1, HPE CDE 2.1, Audio and Image products and Imake utilities. The Toolkit provides a complete set of tools for developing applications that incorporate such features as a graphical user interface, imaging, audio, and an on-line Help system.


The HP-UX Developer's Toolkit is available for 11.00, 11i and 11i Itanium� releases. PA releases consist of the complete set of all the above mentioned toolkits. 11i Itanium� releases consist of only X11R6 and Motif2.1 header files, sample programs, man pages and shared links to native libraries for Itanium�.


The product B3394BA is now available for free download for 11.00, 11i v1.0, 11i v1.6, and 11i v2 SR and 0403 releases. The enhanced Developer�s Toolkit for 11i v2 0409 and above releases will be available as HPDesktopDev product for free download.


Features and Benefits

Supported technologies include:

  • OSF/Motif 2.1
  • X11 R6.2 Xlib
  • X11 R6.2 Xt Intrinsics
  • X11 R6.2 Athena Widget Set
  • Imake
  • HPE CDE 2.1  (11.00, 11.11 only)
  • Audio and imaging multimedia  (11.00, 11.11 only)


A customer deciding to download this software must read the HPE's terms & conditions.


Additional product information
Product #: B3394BA
Version: -
Software specification: HP-UX 11.00 for Workstations and Servers (B3394BA_B.11.00.03_HP-UX_B.11.00_32+64.depot)
HP-UX 11i v1.0 for Workstations and Servers (B3394BA_B.11.11.02_HP-UX_B.11.11_32+64.depot)
HP-UX 11i v1.6 11.22 Itanium (B3394BA_B.11.22.01_HP-UX_B.11.22_IA.depot)