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HP-UX Hardware/Critical Patch Bundles

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B3782IPR.gif The 10.20 Hardware/Critical patch bundles are a tested set of HP-UX core hardware enablement and critical patches for HP-UX 10.20 on HPE 9000 servers and workstations. HPE recommends that you install these bundles when you only want to enable devices or fix critical OS problems. In some cases, you must install one of these bundles to add or fix drivers for new hardware.

With the approaching discontinuance of HP-UX 10.20 at the end of June 2002, as of the December 2001 release, HPE no longer provides updated HP-UX 10.20 patch bundles. HPE will continue to provide new and recommended 10.20 patches, as well as updated information about the patches in the December 2001 bundles, from the IT resource centers.

For more details, see the Hardware/Critical Bundles page.

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Additional product information
Product #: B3782IPR
Version: E0302
Software specification: