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HP-UX Software Assistant (SWA) is a tool that consolidates and simplifies patch management and security bulletin management on HP-UX systems.

SWA is supported on HP-UX 11i systems and on Windows within HPE SIM. SWA can perform a number of checks including published security issues, installed patches with warnings, and missing patches with critical fixes. Once an analysis has been performed, you can use SWA to download any recommended patches or patch bundles, and create a depot ready for installation.

New in HP-UX SWA Revision C.02.95:

The minimum Java revisions were updated to for Jre15, for Jre60 and for Jre70.


NOTE: HPE recommends using revision C.02.90 or newer version of SWA because changes in the package structure of Java60JRE (Jre60) might result in installation issues for older revisions of SWA on PA-RISC systems.

For more information on SWA releases, see the HP-UX Software Assistant Release Notes, available at HPE Support Center.

Click the Receive for Free >> button at the top or bottom of this webpage to download HP-UX Software Assistant. When downloading the SWA software for Windows HPE SIM, make sure to select the Windows software specification.

Features and Benefits

The HP-UX SWA tool offers the following features and benefits:

  • Is supported on HP-UX 11i systems.
  • Is supported on Windows within HPE SIM for HP-UX 11i v2 and v3.
  • Supports catalog downloads from non-HP-UX systems.
  • Provides a command line interface (CLI).
  • Has selected features integrated with HPE SIM for simultaneous analysis of multiple systems.
  • Is a client-side patch and security analysis/acquisition tool.
  • Analyzes a system (and some types of depots) for patch warnings, critical defects, security bulletins, missing Quality Pack patch bundle, and user-specified patches and patch chains.
  • Uses an HPE-supplied catalog file to analyze your system and generate reports.
  • Optimizes the automatic selection of patch dependencies by assessing the quality of the dependency, providing the best case scenario for the dependency, minimizing changes to the system, and assessing future patch dependency changes.
  • Produces the Action, Issue, and Detail reports as well as a consolidated HTML report so you can see the issues relevant to the software on the system or in the depot.
  • Provides the ability to download patches and build a Software Distributor (SD-UX) depot that will fix many of the issues in the report. You can also use SWA to see recommended additional actions in the report, which you need to take care of manually to fix the remaining issues.
  • Verifies patch integrity automatically (using MD5 cryptographic hash) before unpacking downloaded patches.

Installation Instructions

The installation link at the bottom of this webpage goes to the SWA installation instructions. You should use these instructions when installing SWA on HP-UX or Windows.

Additional Information

For more information regarding SWA, refer to the following sources:

  • The HP-UX Software Assistant homepage
  • Documents are available on the HPE Business Support Center at HPE Support Center.
    • HP-UX Software Assistant Release Notes - includes known problems.
    • HP-UX Software Assistant Administration Guide
    • HP-UX Software Assistant Reference
    • Patch Management User Guide for HP-UX 11.x Systems
  • The SWA manpages describe the CLI commands and provide examples. They are available from the HP-UX command line by using the man command and from the HP-UX Software Assistant Reference.
    • swa(1M)
    • swa-report(1M)
    • swa-get(1M)
    • swa-step(1M)
    • swa-clean(1M)
  • Online help for SWA is available with the HPE SIM integrated version of SWA. To access SWA online help from HPE SIM, select Help->Help For This Page from the HPE SIM toolbar, or select the question mark icon.

Date: March 2013

Additional product information
Product #: B6834AA     
Additional info
Global Trade ID: -
Version: C.02.95
Software specification: HP-UX_11iv2+v3 (SwAssistant_C.02.95_HP-UX_B.11.23_IA_PA.depot)
HP-UX_11iv1 (SwAssistant_C.02.90_HP-UX_B.11.11_32_64.depot)
Windows (HP-UX_SoftwareAssistant_C.02.90.exe)