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GTK+ Libraries

GTK 1.2.10

The GTK+ Libraries are the open source GNU toolkit for X windows development. The version provided here is unsupported, but is provided for use with the unsupported Mozilla browser for 10.20 and for old versions of Netscape (i.e. 6.2.1), which depend on it. HPE recommends upgrading to the Mozilla Application Suite for HP-UX 11.0 and later, which requires a newer version of the GTK.  Netscape is no longer a supported product on HP-UX.  

IMPORTANT: Please follow the instructions in this security bulletin to avoid security issues in this version of the GTK.

Date: 06/18/2004

Additional product information
Product #: B6848AB
Version: -
Software specification: HP-UX PA(B6848AB.depot)