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Event Monitoring Service (EMS) Developer's Kit

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Product details and specifications
EMS Developers' Kit (B7611BA) includes the following three components:
  • a set of APIs
  • a sample source code for developing monitors and
  • a copy of the EMS software product.

How EMS works

To configure a monitoring request, select "Resource Management" subarea from HP System Management Homepage (HP SMH), the HP-UX single-system administration tool. You can integrate a monitor into any, or all, of three graphical interfaces: EMS, MC/ServiceGuard,  or MC/ServiceGuard OPS Edition.

Note: For HP-UX 11iv3 December 2007 release and later, the following information is applicable:

  • In the SMH text user interface (TUI) menu, you must select m - Event Monitoring Service.
  • In the SMH graphical user interface (GUI) menu, the new web browser-based Event Monitoring Service (web-based) tool is available from the Tools page. The X-Windows based Event Monitoring Service continues to coexist with the new web browser-based tool.

In the appropriate interface,  select a resource from a list of all EMS resources discovered on the system.  Then configure the request by choosing options. The set of allowable options is registered by your monitor when it is installed.

EMS receives messages by polling synchronous monitors, or directly from asynchronous monitors.  It compares these messages with configured monitoring requests. If appropriate, it sends a notification. If the monitoring request is configured through the EMS interface, the user can specify notification in several message protocols:  TCP, UDP, SNMP, opcmsg,  email,  wbem (web based enterprise management), on the console, or posted to syslog or some other text file.  If the monitoring request is configured through the MC/ServiceGuard or MC/ServiceGuard OPS Edition interface, the cluster management software handles messaging.

EMS Developers' Kit Frequently Asked Questions

For frequently asked questions and late breaking announcements regarding the EMS Developers' Kit, go to High Availability Documentation and select Frequently Asked Questions.

EMS Templates

The following EMS templates handle opcmsg and SNMP trap messages:

  • EMS Templates for HP OpenView ITO control the display of messages in the ITO Message Browser, contain instruction text, and can configure automatic actions.
  • EMS SNMP Traps for HP OpenView NNM that report a problem or significant event using SNMP protocol and are designed for use by target applications such as OpenView NNM.
  • EMS Templates for HP OpenView ITO-SE control the display of messages in the ITO-SE Message Browser, contain instruction text, and can configure automatic actions.

Note: The EMS templates are now part of the EMS Developer's Kit software depot.


There is also an EMS tool called monvols. The monvols tool creates EMS monitoring requests for all configured logical or physical volumes on a system. The monitoring requests result in opcmsg notification to HP OpenView ITO whenever the status of a logical or physical volume is reported to be not "UP".

Note: HP-UX 11.11 and HP-UX 11.23 monvols are available in the EMS Developer's Kit.


Additional product information
Product #: B7611BA
Version: A., A.
Software specification: HP-UX 11.11 Kit version A. )
HP-UX 11.23 Kit version A. ( B7611BA_A. )