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HP C/aC++ Developer's Bundle for Evaluation

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Product details and specifications
The HP C/aC++ Developer's Bundle helps you to develop or migrate your C and C++ applications to the HP-UX platform.

The HP C compiler conforms to the International ISO/IEC Standard 9899-1999. It supports all the C99 features on HP-UX 11i v3 Integrity servers and a K&R mode is also available with -Ac on PA-RISC Systems.

The HP aC++ compiler implements the ISO/IEC Standard 14882, the international standard for the C++ programming language. It largely conforms to this standard and is evolving towards full conformance.

The HP C/aC++ Developer's Bundle consists of the following components:

  • A C compiler based on the International ANSI/ISO Standard with the following components and tools:
    • C-ANSI-C
    • Auxiliary-Opt
    • C-Dev-Tools (lex, yacc, and cpp)
    • C-Analysis-Tools, such as lint (on PA-RISC only)
  • A C++ compiler based on the International ANSI/ISO Standard and the following libraries:
    • Rogue Wave C++ Standard Library
    • Rogue Wave Tools.h++ Library
  • HP Code Advisor, a static analysis tool for C and C++ source code. The latest version is available for download at:
  • HP WDB debugger and HP WDB GUI. The latest version is available for download at:
  • HP Caliper, a general-purpose performance analysis tool for applications (on Integrity Servers only). The latest version is available for download at:
  • Comprehensive hypertext-based Online Help systems for the compilers, libraries, and tools.

The major features and benefits of HP aC++ include:

  • Standard Template Library - Off-the-shelf software reduces the amount of code.
  • Fast Template Instantiation - Promotes software reuse.
  • Optimized Exception Handling - Convenient mechanism to handle error conditions.
  • A full Standard C++ Library with a templatized iostream library, and a partial Standard C++ Library and a classic iostream library - The runtime library functionalities.

This bundle installs either of the following product versions:

  • HP C/aC++ version A.06.26 on HP Integrity servers.
  • HP aC++ version A.03.95 on PA-RISC-based systems.

What is new in this version

The version, A.06.26, of compiler provides the following new or changed features:

  • Improved GNU compatibility and new GNU features

    • GNU statement expressions

    • Support for GNU _Pragma

  • Rvalue references (C++0x)

  • Option to redirect make-dependency

  • Support for initialization of Flexible Array Member

  • Improved C++ Demangler

  • Deprecation and removal of options

For more information about the product changes in version A.06.26, see the release notes that is in the HP C/aC++ Developer's bundle. The file ACXX.release.notes is located at /opt/aCC/newconfig/RelNotes/ACXX.release.notes

Compiler version A.03.95 includes defect fixes. There are no new features.
The version A.03.95 release notes is in the HP aC++ Developer's bundle.
The file ACXX.release.notes is located at /opt/aCC/newconfig/RelNotes/ACXX.release.notes.

June 2011

Additional product information
Product #: B9007AAEVAL     
Additional info
Version: A.06.26; A.03.95
Software specification: HP-UX 11i v3 B.11.31 A.06.26 For Integrity (B9007AAEVAL_C.11.31.06.EVAL_HP-UX_B.11.31_IA_PA.depot)
HP-UX 11i v3 B.11.31 A.03.95 For PA-RISC (B9007AAEVAL_C.11.31.06.EVAL_HP-UX_B.11.31_IA_PA.depot)