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iCOD Software (N, L and V class systems)

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iCOD version B.05.x Software - B9073AA

HPE's instant Capacity on Demand (iCOD) version B.05.x software product provides the ability to increase processor capacity instantly on (specified) HPE enterprise servers. You initially purchase a specified number of activated processors and pay a right-to-access fee for a specified number of (deactivated) iCOD processors. Whenever you activate an additional processor you are charged an enablement fee. iCOD B.05.x is a part of the HPE On Demand Solutions (ODS) program.

The iCOD processors can be activated either to increase the active processor capacity on the system or to replace a failing processor on that system. In either case, the action can be taken with no waiting time for new processors to arrive because the iCOD processors are already plugged into the system.

iCOD B.05.x is available for the following HPE enterprise servers:

  • HPE 9000 servers running HP-UX 11.0:
    • L-Class
    • N-Class
    • V-Class
  • HPE 9000 servers running HP-UX 11i v1 (11.11):
    • Superdome
    • rp8400
    • rp7410

iCOD customers on the Superdome, rp8400 and rp7410 platforms are encouraged to upgrade to iCOD product B9073BA - version B.06.x. Click on iCOD B.06.x Software (B9073BA) for details of the iCOD B.06.x product.

The iCOD B.05.x software is free of charge and is required to be running on all iCOD systems/partitions. The iCOD software has a very small footprint and adds negligible overhead to the system.

The iCOD B.05.x software sends e-mail every day to HPE to report the number of active processors and other information, such as serial number, that is necessary to identify the system. The e-mail also includes customer contact information as configured with the iCOD commands. The e-mail is encrypted to ensure privacy.

This version of the software does not require a reboot of the system to activate iCOD processors. For details of what is new and changed in iCOD version B.05.x, refer to the iCOD Release Notes for version B.05.00. For details of the iCOD program requirements and instructions on how to configure and manage iCOD B.05.x systems, refer to the iCOD User's Guide for versions B.05.x. Click on On Demand Solutions Documents to access these documents at HPE's technical documentation web site.

Additional product information
Product #: B9073AA
Version: B.05.01
Software specification: HP-UX11.11(B9073AA_B.05.01_HP-UX_B.11.11_32+64.depot)