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HPE Solaris-to-HP-UX Porting Kit

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The Solaris-to-HP-UX Porting Kit (SHPK) is a portingenvironment for enterprise businesses to automate Solaris to HP-UX migration -further reducing the TCO of a HP-UX solution.

SHPK is a result of HPE's commitment to make migrationexperience as painless as possible for customers. SHPK automates the migrationof Solaris-based applications to drastically reduce the time and effort ittakes for them to be up and running on HP-UX.

SHPK Components

  1. Estimating migration effort - The sh_src_scanner tool, included in SHPK, scans C and C++ sources and lists out all the changes that must be made in order to migrate them to HP-UX. The tool also points out changes that can be automated by SHPK. For a more comprehensive planning tool, we recommend the usage of HPE Software Transition Kit.
  2.  Addressing toolset differences - The compiler tools options in HPE compilers are different from those in Sun compilers. In addition, tools such as csh, mkdir support different options. SHPK provides driver programs that translate these options from Solaris to HP-UX.
  3. Addressing API differences - Many APIs in HP-UX are different from those in Solaris in terms of their usage and parameters. Some Solaris APIs have no equivalents in HP-UX. SHPK provides a migration environment that addresses these differences.
    Addressing makefile changes - Migrating from Solaris to HP-UX requires manual modification of makefiles to address differences in the build environment. SHPK provides make tools that minimize such changes.

Summary datasheet
Languages - C,C++
Solaris Version � 2.5 and above
HP-UX versions � 11i v2 (Sep 2004 and later)
Compilers � HPE aCC compilers
Platform � Integrity and HPE9000
Applications - Both 32-bit and 64-bit
3rd party software - Integrates with the 3rd party software available on HP-UX

Additional product information
Product #: BA472AA     
Additional info
Version: 1.1
Software specification: HP SHPK for 11i v2 for HP9000 platform(
HP SHPK for 11iv2 for Integrity platform(
Users Manual for HP SHPK(SHPK_1.1_Users_guide.pdf)
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