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jfs 3.5 for hp-ux 11.11

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          The VERITAS File System 3.5 (HPE OnlineJFS/JFS 3.5) product is the next generation of the product known as HPE OnlineJFS/JFS 3.3. The base VERITAS File System 3.5 (HPE JFS 3.5) is a new version of the base journaled file system for HP-UX 11i and is available at no charge as part of the December 2002 release of Software Pack. The full VERITAS File System 3.5 (HPE OnlineJFS 3.5) enables advanced file system features and is ordered as a separate product.
          The terms base VERITAS File System 3.5, HPE JFS 3.5, and base VxFS are used interchangeably throughout these notes. In addition, the terms full VERITAS File System 3.5, HPE OnlineJFS 3.5, and full VxFS are used interchangeably throughout  these notes. All of these terms may appear in other related VERITAS File System (HPE OnlineJFS/JFS 3.5) documentation that accompanies this product.

The new features of VERITAS File System 3.5 include:

  • New and/or Enhanced Tunable Parameters (BaseVxFS)
  • VxFS Command Enhancements (Base/FullVxFS)

  • New I/O Error Handling Policy (BaseVxFS)

  • New Default Intent Log Mode (BaseVxFS)

  • New Default File System Block Size (BaseVxFS)
  • API for Obtaining VxFS Inode Field Offsets (BaseVxFS)

  • VxFS System Activity Reporter (BaseVxFS)
  • Support for Oracle Disk Manager (FullVxFS)

  • Forced Unmounts (BaseVxFS)

  • File Access Time Disabling (BaseVxFS)
  • Storage Checkpoints (FullVxFS)

  • Parallel Log Replay (BaseVxFS)
  • New VxFs Directory Name Lookup Cache (DNLC) (BaseVxFS)
  • New VxFS Buffer Cache for Meta-data Only (BaseVxFS)
         The JFS 3.5 software also includes the OnlineJFS functionality, which requires a license keyword to activate it.

OnlineJFS is a layered software product that allows you to

  • Grow file systems while keeping them online
  • Shrink most disk layout version 4 file systems while keeping them online
  • Reorganize and defragment file systems while keeping them online
  • Backup from a snapshot of a file system while keeping the original file system online
To obtain Online JFS functionality see the Product Licensing and Purchase Information section below.

Product Licensing and Purchase Information:

         The base VERITAS File System 3.5 (base VxFS 3.5) product is available from Hewlett-Packard via the HP-UX Software Pack. The Software Pack for December 2002 or later allows you to install VxFS onto an existing HP-UX system. Software Pack is delivered on a separate CD along with the HP-UX CD and DVD kits.

         A standard HP-UX 11i Operating Environment installation sets up the HP-UX filesystem with base VxFS 3.3 (also called JFS 3.3). If the full VxFS 3.3 product (also called OnlineJFS 3.3) is added, it is separately purchased with HPE Product Number B3929CA.

In the near future, a separate full VxFS 3.5 product will be available from Hewlett-Packard. Until that product is available, the functionality can be obtained by the following process:

  • Purchase and install the full VxFS 3.3 (HPE OnlineJFS 3.3), HPE Product Number B3929CA, the HP-UX Enterprise Operating Environment or the HP-UX Mission-Critical Operating Environment.
  • Install VxFS 3.5 onto the full VxFS 3.3 or the Enterprise or Mission-Critical Operating Environment.
If full VxFS 3.5 is installed onto a system with full VxFS 3.3 already installed, the system is upgraded to full VxFS 3.5.

Where to Find Information:

Additional  Information can be obtained from :

  • The VERITAS File System 3.5 (HPE OnlineJFS/JFS 3.5) Manual pages
  • The VERITAS File System 3.5 (HPE OnlineJFS/JFS 3.5) documentation at the HPE Documentation web site:
  • These documents are available on the December 2002 HP-UX 11i Instant Information CD, see the following documents:
    •  VERITAS File System 3.5 (HPE OnlineJFS/JFS 3.5) Release Notes
    •  VERITAS File System 3.5 (HPE OnlineJFS/JFS 3.5) Administrator's Guide
    •  VERITAS File System 3.5 (HPE OnlineJFS/JFS 3.5) Installation Guide

  • For more information regarding the HPE JFS 3.3 and HPE OnLineJFS 3.3 products, see the following documents:
    • HPE JFS 3.3 and HPE OnLineJFS 3.3 Release Notes, June 2000, B3929-90007
    • HPE OnLineJFS 3.3 Release Notes for HP-UX 11i, November 2000, B3929-90009
    • HPE JFS 3.3 and HPE OnLineJFS 3.3 VERITAS File System 3.3 System Administrator's Guide, November 2000, B3929-90011

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Additional product information
Product #: BASEVXFS
Version: -
Software specification: HP-UX 11.11(BaseVxFS_B.03.50.0_HP-UX_B.11.11_64.depot)