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BL8x0-i2 Depot with Required HP-UX Components

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The new HPE Integrity server blades (BL860c i2, BL870c i2, and BL890c i2 models) have initial HP-UX 11i v3 support in the March 2010 OE release. These Integrity Blades require theHP-UX 11i v3 March 2010 OE release and the Required HP-UX Components listed below.

Before installing the Required HP-UX Components, download the three depots using the download links provided. The Required HP-UX Components and the PHCO_40554 patch may be copied to one depot before starting the installation. See the Installation webpage for details on installing these additional HP-UX products and patches.

The v3 HPEVM 4.2 patches and HostAvioLan product must be in a separate depot from the Required HP-UX Components. The v3 HPEVM components must be installed on new HPE Integrity server blades that have the HPEVM Host software installed from the March 2010 OE release.

See the HP-UX 11i v3 Installation and Update Guide for March 2010, available at the Business Support Center, for known problems and issues.

Required HP-UX Components
  1. The BL8x0-i2 depot, which includes the following product bundles and patches:

    • 10GigEthr-02 - B.11.31.1004 PCIe 10 Gigabit Ethernet
    • FibrChanl-01 - B.11.31.1003.01 FibrChnl
    • FibrChanl-02 - B.11.31.1003.02 FCLP
    • nParProvider - B. nPartition Provider
    • PHKL_40880 - 11.31 dump cumulative patch (enables compressed crash dump)
    • PHKL_40942 - 11.31 cumulative vm patch (QXCR1000994413)

    Download this depot by clicking Receive for Free.

  2. The Diagnostics Products Collection for the HP-UX 11i v3 Systems depot, which includes the following products:

    • Diagnostic and Support Tools - OnlineDiag
    • System Fault Management - SysFaultMgmt
    • Provider Services Base - ProviderSvcsBase
    • System Management Plus - SysMgmtPlus
    • Direct Attached Storage Provider - DASProvider (WBEMP-Storage)
  3. The BL8x0-Providers depot, which includes the following products:

    • Fibre Channel Provider - FCProvider B.11.31.1004
    • Serial Attached SCSI Provider - SASProvider B.11.31.1004
    • RAID Smart Array Provider - RAIDSAProvider B.11.31.1004
Additional Requirements
  1. RAID support for the SA P410i controller will require the following items:

    This firmware update and RAID configuration will require system downtime.

    For more information, see the RAID-01 B.11.31.1005 Release Notes, available at . Click the link for HP-UX 11i v3. Release notes are listed alphabetically in the "Getting started" section.

  2. Large I/O configurations will require the following patch (available at the ITRC).
    PHCO_40554 - 11.31 Mass Storage CRA Cumulative Patch (QXCR1000965792)

  3. HPEVM 4.2 requires the following components for the new HPE Integrity server blades:

    HPVM 4.2 host patches (available at the ITRC)

    • PHSS_40876 11.31 HPEVM B.04.20 VMAGENT
    • PHSS_40901 11.31 HPEVM B.04.20 VMMIGRATE PATCH
    • PHSS_41566 11.31 HPEVM B.04.20 CORE PATCH

    AVIO Host LAN driver (available at
    • HostAvioLan B.11.31.1004 HPEVM Host AVIO LAN Software
  4. HPEVM 4.2.5 (from 11i v3 OE Update for September 2010) requires a new patch:
    (September 2010 OE Update includes the required AVIO drivers for HPEVM 4.2.5)
    Required HPEVM 4.2.5 host patches (available at the ITRC)

    • PHSS_41543 11.31 HPEVM B.04.20.05 CORE PATCH
      (Patch required for December 2010 firmware upgrade with 8GB DIMM support.)
  5. Patches on HP-UX 11i v2 guests running on a v3 HPEVM host (available at the ITRC)
    • PHCO_40685 11.23 Cumulative machinfo command patch
    • PHKL_40684 11.23 Itanium 2 Processor information reporting

Important: HPEVM Host configuration changes when using VIO LAN devices

Failure to Disable TSO/CKO for VIO LAN Devices Can Result in Degraded Network Performance

HPEVM VIO LAN does not support TSO/CKO. New network drivers might enable TSO/CKO, which might lead to poor guest and host network performance. You should disable TSO/CKO on the backing host LAN for VIO LAN devices. AVIO LAN devices are not affected.

To disable TSO/CKO, refer to sections 7.2.14 and 7.2.16 in the HPE Integrity Virtual Machines Version 4.2 Release Notes (April 2010). See the updated HPEVM documents at
Notes about Known Limitations
  1. The new HPE Integrity server blades are only supported with the HP-UX default volume manager (LVM) or with the latest Symantec products (versions 5.0 and 5.0.1). Symantec VxFS/VxVM version 4.1 products are not supported on these new Integrity Blades.
  2. HP-UX 11i v3 can only support a boot LUN size of <1TB for all HPE Integrity systems. The use of RAID configurations with 1TB or greater total size for installing HP-UX will report failures at install time.
Additional product information
Product #: BL8x0-i2     
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Version: -
Software specification: HP-UX 11i v3(BL8x0-i2_WEB1004.depot)