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Base VxVM 5.1 SP1

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This depot contains the Veritas Volume Manager version 5.1 SP1 for HP-UX 11i v3. The depot consists of the following bundles:

Base-VxFS-51, B.05.10.01, Veritas File System Bundle 5.1SP1 for HP-UX

Base-VxTools-51, B.05.10.03, VERITAS Infrastructure Bundle 5.1SP1 for HP-UX

Base-VxVM-51, B.05.10.03, Base VERITAS Volume Manager Bundle 5.1SP1 for HP-UX







For a description of these products and their enhancements, see the Release Notes and Install Guide.

VxVM 5.1 SP1 Warning


When upgrading the VxVM version from Base-VxVM-51,r=B.05.10.00 to a higher version like Base-VxVM-51,r=B.05.10.01, only VRTSvxvm package is upgraded. VRTSaslapm package remains at the older version if the update depot contains the same version of VRTSaslapm package as that is installed on the system.

As part of upgrading the vRTSvxvm package, the post-install script of VRTSvxvm removes the Array Support Libraries (ASL's) and Array Policy Modules (APM's) assuming that VRTSaslapm package will be installed next. The VRTSaslapm package is not installed again if the VRTSaslapm package installed on the system and the VRTSaslapm package available in the update depot are same. The following error messages are displayed in /var/adm/sw/swagent.log and all ASL/APMs are removed.

(Defect report reference: QXCR1001186450)

Error Message

# grep -i error /var/adm/sw/swagent.log

ERROR: File "/etc/vx/apmkey.d/64/dmpCLARiiON.key" missing.

ERROR: File "/etc/vx/kernel/64/dmpCLARiiON" missing.

ERROR: File "/usr/conf/mod/dmpCLARiiON" missing.

ERROR: Fileset "VRTSaslapm.VXASLAPM-KRN,l=/,r=" had file errors.

ERROR: File "/etc/vx/aslkey.d/libvx3par.key" missing.

ERROR: File "/etc/vx/aslkey.d/libvxCLARiiON.key" missing.

ERROR: File "/etc/vx/aslkey.d/libvxFJTSYe6k.key" missing.

ERROR: File "/etc/vx/aslkey.d/libvxFJTSYe8k.key" missing.

ERROR: File "/etc/vx/aslkey.d/libvxautoraid.key" missing.

ERROR: File "/etc/vx/aslkey.d/libvxcompellent.key" missing.

ERROR: File "/etc/vx/aslkey.d/libvxcopan.key" missing.

ERROR: File "/etc/vx/aslkey.d/libvxddns2a.key" missing.

ERROR: File "/etc/vx/aslkey.d/libvxdothill.key" missing.

ERROR: File "/etc/vx/aslkey.d/libvxemc.key" missing


This is an expected behavior if "-x reinstall=true" option is not specified with swinstall command, for the following reasons:

  1. The VRTSvxvm post-install script removes all ASLAPMs installed through the previous package, as VRTSvxvm is prerequisite for VRTSaslapm.
  2. When performing an upgrade, only VRTSvxvm package is upgraded on the system (VRTSaslapm remains the same/old version), the ASL/APMs are removed by the post-install script of VRTSvxvm and they will not be installed again by VRTSaslapm.
  3. The problem is not seen if "–x reinstall=true" option is specified with the swinstall command, as the VRTSaslapm is forced to be installed with this option although there is no version upgrade in the VRTSaslapm package.
  4. The customer must use "-x reinstall=true" while performing an upgrade, in case the VRTSaslapm package is not being upgraded as part of the upgrade process.


When upgrading VxVM version Base-VxVM-51, r=5.10.00 to a higher version like Base-VxVM-51, r=5.10.01, use the "-x reinstall=true" option with the swinstall command to ensure that the filesets of VRTSaslapm are re-installed.

# swinstall -x autoreboot=true -x reinstall=true -s <Source directory> Base-VxFS-51 Base-VxTools-51 Base-VxVM-51

Additional product information
Product #: Base-VxVM-51SP1
Version: 5.1 SP1
Software specification: HP-UX 11i v3 (Base-VxVM-51E_B_05_10_05_1503.depot)
HP-UX 11i v3 (Base-VxVM-51E_B_05_10_06_1603.depot)