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HP-UX Compressed Dump

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HP-UX 11i Compressed Dump Functionality (CDUMP11i, Version A.01.01)


The Compressed Dump feature speeds up the memory dump for HP-UX in the event of a system crash and thus improves system availability. This feature is primarily targeted for "large memory machines" running HP-UX 11i, Version 1.0

Compressed Dump Features:

Key benefits of Compressed Dump include,

  • Capability to turn the Compressed Dump feature ON or OFF.

  • Dump speedup by at least a factor of 3 for selective dumps excluding UNUSED pages.

  • Reduction in the time taken to save the dump to file system by at least a factor of 3.

  • Capability to convert the new compressed dump to any of the older dump formats.

Before Using HP-UX Compressed Dump

  • Requirements
    • HP-UX Compressed Dump, Version A.01.01 can be installed on 64-bit PA-RISC platforms running HP-UX 11i, v1.
    • 5 or more processors are required for the Compressed Dump functionality to work. On machines with less than 5 processors, the functionality will not be enabled.

Additional Information

The Compressed Dump Release Notes provides additional product information. For information about the changes in commands, see the manpages crashconf(1M), savecrash(1M) and crashutil(1M) after installation.

Additional product information
Product #: CDUMP11i
Version: A.01.01
Software specification:
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