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Product details and specifications

HPE Cluster Extension (CLX) software is an integrated solution that provides protection against system downtime with automatic failover of application services and read/write enabling of remotely mirrored storage. Cluster Extension adapts in real time, to real life situations, providing protection via rapid site recovery. Cluster Extension requires no server reboots or LUN presentation/mapping changes during failover; so, if the human storage administrator is unaware of the outage, unable to respond or simply not present, CLX delivers true hands-free failover/failback decision making.

Cluster Extension integration provides efficiency that preserves operations and delivers investment protection because it monitors and recovers disk pair synchronization on an application level while offloading data replication tasks from the host. Implementation of a Cluster Extension solution assures the highest standards of data integrity and protects your valuable information against the threat of downtime - whether planned or unplanned. HPE provides proven strategies, services, and technologies to reduce your exposure and vulnerability.


Download the appropriate Cluster Extension version for your array type and operating system environment to try the CLX for 60 days. All features and options are enabled during this evaluation period. At the end of the evaluation period, purchase of the appropriate CLX licenses is required to continue using the software. All configuration and jobs created during the evaluation period are maintained when the appropriate permanent licenses are added.

What you get

You will receive a copy of Cluster Extension Software with an embedded 60 day evaluation license. For available download packages, please see below Additional product information section.

Please visit the HPE Cluster Extension Software web page for more information about Cluster Extension solutions.

Additional product information
Product #: CLX
Version: See Software Specifications
Software specification: HPE XP CLX Windows x86 v6.03.00 (BC886-10507.exe)
HPE XP CLX Windows x64 v6.03.00 (BC886-10508.exe)
HPE XP CLX Windows x86 v6.02.00 (BC886-10505.EXE)
HPE XP CLX Windows x64 v6.02.00 (BC886-10506.EXE)
HPE XP P9000 CLX Windows x86 v6.01.00 (BC886-10503.EXE)
HPE XP P9000 CLX Windows x64 v6.01.00 (BC886-10504.EXE)
HPE EVA P6000 CLX Windows x64 v5.02.00 (TC340-10512.exe)
HPE EVA P6000 CLX Windows x86 v5.01.00 (TC340-10509.exe)
HPE EVA P6000 CLX Windows x86 v5.00.00 (TC340-10507.exe)
HPE EVA P6000 CLX Windows x64 v5.00.00 (TC340-10508.exe)