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DUMPAAEnable version B.11.23.0609

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DUMPAAEnable version B.11.23.0609 for HP-UX 11i version 2

DUMPAAEnable Version B.11.23.0609enables high-availability dump support for the HPE (A-A) Disk Array devices.

IMPORTANT: To enable high-availability dump supportfor the HPE (A-A) Disk Array devices, you must install Secure Path Active-ActiveVersion A.3.0F.02F.00F (or later) along with DUMPAAEnableVersion B.11.23.0609.

Key Benefit

High-availability features for A-A dump devices that are controlled by Secure Path

What's New forVersion B.11.23.0609

DUMPAAEnable Version B.11.23.0609contains the following features:

Path failover for A-A dump devices: Triggers automatic path reconfiguration for the A-A dump device if the user specified path fails. An alternate available path is configured for dump.

A-A device configuration through failed paths: Automatic dump configuration through an active path if dump configuration is attempted through a failed path.

Duplicate device identification: Avoids a single dump device configuration through multiple paths.

New crashconf option -l: Displays the alternate (failed over) path as well as the user specified path used for dump configuration.

See the DUMPAAEnable version B.11.23.0609 Release Notes on /  (HP-UX11i v2 Operating Environments - System Administration) for more information.


  • DUMPAAEnable version B.11.23.0609 is delivered through the DumpAASupport bundle. The DumpAASupport bundle contains the following components:
  • DUMPAAEnable version B.11.23.0609 software product
  • Enhancement kernel patches required to support DUMPAAEnable version B.11.23.0609
  •  Enhanced crashconf command
  • Updated crashconf man page

Additional Documentation

The following documents, available here provide additional information related to DUMPAAEnable version B.11.23.0609, its dependencies, and HP-UX patch management:

  • DUMPAAEnable version B.11.23.0609 Release Notes
  •  HPE StorageWorks Secure Path V3.0F Service Pack 1 for HP-UX 11i V1.0, 11i V2.0 and Secure Path V3.0F Service Pack 1 Workgroup Edition for HP-UX 11i V1.0, 11i V2.0 Installation and Reference Guide
  • Patch Management User Guide for HP-UX 11.x Systems
Additional product information
Product #: DUMPAAEnable
Version: B.11.23.0609
Software specification: HP-UX 11i v2 B.11.23 (DumpAASupport_B.11.23.01_HP-UX_B.11.23_IA_PA.depot )