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Event Information Tool (EIT)

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The Event Information Tools (EIT) display information about events generated on a remote system.

The EIT suite consists of the following:

  • Console Logger
    The Console Logger tool interacts with the Management Processor (MP), also called the Guardian Service Processor (GSP). The MP logs the command entered at a console, the response to the command, and the alert messages that are generated by a system.

    The Console Logger fetches this information from MP at an interval of 5 minutes, and logs the information in the Support Management Station (SMS).

    You can access the information logged in SMS from the following locations:
    • On an HP-UX 11i v1 system:
    • On a Windows system:
      C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\EIT\var\log\conslogd.log.
  • IPMI Log Acquirer
    The IPMI Log Acquirer tool obtains information about the Forward Progress Logs (FPL) present on a remote IPMI system.
  • IPMI Event Viewer
    The IPMI Event Viewer tool displays the low-level system log information, such as the status of a component, configuration of a processor, and so on.

The EIT suite supports the HPE Integrity SuperDome SMS workstations on the following platforms:

  • HP-UX 11.x (11.00, 11.11, 11.23)
  • Windows XP Professional
  • Windows 2000

Note: A single EIT software bundle can be used to install EIT on all the 3 versions of the HP-UX operating systems.


Each newer version incorporates improvements in the interface or functionality. The newer and enhanced versions support more hardware and different operating systems.

Following are the versions of EIT and the operating systems they support:

  • HP-UX version 03.03.05
    HP-UX 11.x (11.00, 11.11, 11.23)
  • Windows version 03.03.05
    Windows XP Professional, Windows 2000
Additional product information
Product #: EIT
Version: 03.03.05
Software specification: HP-UX version 03.03.05(hpux_smstools_03_03_05.depot)
Windows version 03.03.05(WIN_EIT_03_03_05.exe)