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HP-UX Development Environment for Eclipse

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Product details and specifications

HP-UX Development Environment for Eclipse (HP-UX DEE) version 5.0.0 is a plug-in for the Eclipse IDE. It enables you to develop C/C++ projects on the HPE systems running HP-UX 11i releases, using the Eclipse IDE on a Windows or Linux system. HP-UX DEE provides seamless access to a remote HP-UX system for easier and faster development, via a single Graphical User Interface (GUI), than using native command line interface on a HP-UX system. HP-UX DEE enables you to edit, compile, run, debug, and perform static analysis of the code. The HP-UX system provides the processing power to build, run, perform static analysis, and debug C/C++ programs. HP-UX DEE accesses the project and the files on the remote system as local files using the mapped network drive. As a result, you can
develop the C/C++ project remotely with the feel of developing the project on your local system.

Key Features:

HP-UX DEE provides the following features to HP-UX C/C++ developers:

  • Create remote HP-UX C/C++ projects using HP-UX DEE IDE on a Windows or Linux system.
  • Invoke remote build on HP-UX system for C/C++ projects.
  • Run remote HP-UX C/C++ projects with HP-UX C/C++ run configuration.
  • Debug remote HP-UX C/C++ projects with HP-UX C/C++ debug configuration (using HPE GDB).
  • Perform Memory debugging, core file debugging of C/C++ source code (using HPE GDB) .
  • Perform static analysis of the C/C++ code using the HPE Code Advisor (cadvise), which is integrated with HP-UX DEE.
  • Provides Secure Shell (SSH) and Remote Shell (RSH) protocols to connect to the remote HP-UX system.
Additional product information
Product #: EclipseCPlugin
Version: 5.0.0
Software specification: Windows (
Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS 4 (
SUSE Linux ES 9 (