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FSTYP-HFS-ENH is an optional product bundle to accurately detect the presence of HFS (HPE FileSystem) on the disk/volume. It contains the product FstypHfsEnh, revision B.11.31.01.

This product update can be installed when fstyp(1M)/diskowner(1M) commands on a disk/volume incorrectly report the presence of a physical FileSystem namely HFS FileSystem, even though there is no valid HFS FileSystem existing on the disk/volume.

What is new in this Release?

This release of FstypHfsEnh product will provide support to accurately detect the presence of HFS FileSystem on the disk/volume.


FstypHfsEnh depends on the following patch:

  PHCO_43554 (HP-UX 11.31 fstyp(1M) patch)

Additional product information
Product #: FstypHfsEnh
Version: 1.0
Software specification: B.11.31(FSTYP-HFS-ENH_HP-UX_B.11.31.01_IA_PA.depot)