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getenv(3C) performance enhancement

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Product details and specifications

The product Getenv-Perf-Enh enhances the performance of threaded applications which extensively use the libc API - getenv(3C).

Features and Benefits:

This product contains a new core functionality (Getenv-Perf-Enh) with the performance enablement file - /etc/default/getenv_perf.

The product has dependency on following patches:

  1. A 11.31 libc patch (PHCO_36582).

  2. A 11.31 libc manpage patch (PHCO_36583).

Performance of libc API getenv(3C) is enhanced for threaded applications. Threaded applications that use getenv(3C) extensively may observe better performance.


This product is recommended for threaded applications which do not free the memory passed to putenv(3C) as the argument, until the completion of last getenv(3C) call in the whole process.

Known Problems:

It is observed that the product may rarely cause some negligible memory leak.

Additional product information
Product #: GetenvPerf
Version: B.11.31.01
Software specification: HP-UX 11iv3(GetenvEnh_B.11.31.01_HP-UX_B.11.31_IA_PA.depot)