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HPE 3PAR Recovery Manager for VMware Software Suite

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HP 3PAR Recovery Manager Software for VMware (RM-V)

HP 3PAR Recovery Manager Software for VMware (RM-V) is an array-based, online VM snapshot and recovery solution that gives superior control over data protection and recovery in VMware vSphere environments—including granular, rapid online recovery of files. By leveraging HP 3PAR Virtual Copy software, Recovery Manger enables VMware administrators to nondisruptively create hundreds of space-efficient, application-consistent, point-in-time snapshots to protect and recover VMDKs, Virtual Machine File Systems (VMFS), individual VMs, or individual files. Along with the HP 3PAR Management Plug-In for VMware vCenter, HP 3PAR Recovery Manager software gives administrators access to all of this functionality from within the familiar and easy-to-use VMware vCenter Server virtualization management console.

HP 3PAR Recovery Manager Software for VMware is a part of OV4VC (HP OneView for VMware vCenter) package which includes:

  • Server component
  • Storage component (including VASA 1.0 plug-in)
  • Recovery Manager for VMware vSphere

Features and Benefits

  • Array-based Online Virtual Machine Snapshot and Recovery Solution for Low Cost Disaster Resolution
  • Provides great Visibility Into Underlying Storage Resources to See How Each Virtual Machine is Mapped
  • Shows Highly Granular and Flexible Recovery Point Objectives from the VMware vCenter Console
  • Enables highly granular and flexible Recovery Point Objectives and Recovery Time Objectives

What's new with HP 3PAR Recovery Manager for VMware Software version 2.6.1

  • Support for HP 3PAR VASA functionality is moved to the Storage module of HP OneView for VMware vCenter


To download the software, click the Receive for Free button the bottom of the page.

Trial Licensing

To download the customer trial license for RM click - NFR licenses

NFR for Internal HP Use Only. If you are an external customer please contact your HP Representative for license support.

System Requirements

For complete HP 3PAR Software requirements and compatibility lists, refer to the product documentation below and the 3PAR Array Software section on the HP SPOCK website:

Product Documentation

To download product manuals click – HP 3PAR RMV Manuals.

Product Support

For support, please follow the standard support processes for your HP storage arrays or visit

Additional product information
Version: 2.6.1
Software specification: Recovery Manager for VMware Software Suite 2.6.1 (Z7550-01621.exe)