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Product details and specifications

HP 9000 Containers is a set of tools that enable quick transition of application environment from an HP 9000 server to an HP-UX 11i v3 operating system instance on an HP Integrity server. It provides a mechanism to re-host the complete HP 9000 user space environment without the need to re-compile and re-install individual applications, and with minimal re-configuration and application inventory preparation effort.

The transitioned applications reside in a chroot environment (called the HP 9000 Container) along with the HP 9000 commands and libraries. The HP 9000 Container has its own IP address which can be used to login, start/stop applications and network. The HP 9000 Container can be started, stopped, exported, imported and deleted. However, it is not a virtual machine and hence it cannot support HP 9000 HP-UX kernel, kernel intrusive applications, device drivers, system administration commands and system management related applications inside it. Essential HP-UX system services, RC scripts and inittab are supported within HP 9000 system containers.

HP 9000 Containers is built using two key HP-UX technologies:

  • HP ARIES dynamic binary translator, which is a time tested and reliable tool to transition well-behaved HP 9000 HP-UX applications without recompilation, and
  • HP-UX Containers (formerly Secure Resource Partitions - SRP) which allows creation and management of multiple isolated execution environments within the same HP-UX operating system instance


The HP 9000 Containers v3 release provides two container models - system and classic. HP 9000 system containers help server consolidation through multiple containers on same HP-UX 11i v3 instance on HP Integrity servers.

  • Clone the entire application ecosystem on your HP 9000 HP-UX system and move it over to an Integrity system.
  • Run the application ecosystem transparently in a secure isolated HP 9000 HP-UX execution environment.
  • Maintain a similar file system layout as the HP 9000 system.
  • HP Serviceguard can be used to fail over applications inside the HP 9000 Containers (SG classic model) or entire container (SG SRP package model).

When using this solution, it is important to perform a detailed production level testing before actual migration. There is a chance that some latent application or emulation defect may get exposed in the specific environment being migrated.

Features and benefits

HP 9000 Containers solution provides following features

  • Tools and scripts for creation, configuration and management of HP 9000 Containers
  • Flexibility to use any of the storage backup solution on HP 9000 HP-UX servers which can restore to a file system directory
  • Ability to re-use HP-UX Ignite-UX backup archives for building container file system
  • Ability to integrate HP 9000 Containers with Serviceguard for high availability application environments
  • Container life cycle management - start, stop, status, add, delete and modify
  • Automatic startup and cleanup of application services during container startup and shutdown
  • Complete IPC isolation from host environment (INIT SRP compartment)
  • Isolated HP 9000 HP-UX file system from host environment (some special directories are shared from host system to container file system)
  • Container specific IP address and hostname
  • Container access using inetd and/or secure shell (SSH) protocol
  • SRP export/import facility to backup and restore container configuration and file system contents


Feature rich HP 9000 system containers have fewer limitations compared to classic model. Refer to "HP 9000 Containers Limitations" section in HP 9000 Containers Administrator's Guide.

Product documentation

Refer to the following documents for information on using HP 9000 Containers

  • HP 9000 Containers Release Notes (download link below)
  • HP 9000 Containers Administrator's Guide
  • HP 9000 Containers web page for detailed product information

New in HP 9000 Containers A.03.01.04 (Oct 2012)

  • Defect fixes
    • QXCR1001241837: srp -stop prints perl related errors with legacy hp9000sys containers
    • QXCR1001243977: HP 9000 system container creation fails with HP-UX-SRP A.03.01.004.
  • Enhancements
    • QXCR1001192066:[ENH]Enable trusted hp9000sys containers.
    • QXCR1001236579:[ENH]Enable auditing with hp9000sys containers.
    • QXCR1001237568:[ENH]Provide a script for deleting startup service from a container.
    • QXCR1001241841:[ENH]Record the list of devices copied from host into an hp9000sys container.

Compatibility with HP-UX Containers

HP 9000 Containers A.01.0x is supported with SRP version A.02.0x only. There is no version of HP 9000 Containers supported with HP-UX Containers (SRP) A.03.00. HP 9000 Containers A.03.00 (and later) is supported with HP-UX Containers version A.03.01 (or later).

NOTE: HP 9000 Containers v3 (A.03.00) classic model provides all of the features and functionality of HP 9000 Containers v1 (A.01.0x). Unless there is specific reason to use HP 9000 Containers v1 (A.01.06), select HP 9000 Containers v3 (A.03.00 or later) on following screens to download product depot and release notes.

Migrating from HP 9000 Containers A.01.0x

Migrating an HP 9000 container from A.01.0x to A.03.0x classic model requires downtime and may involve some or all of the following steps:

      • Update to HP-UX March 2011 OE (or later)
      • Uninstall HP 9000 Containers product A.01.0x
      • Install HP-UX Containers A.03.01 (or later)
      • Run SRP workload container migration script
      • Install HP 9000 Containers A.03.0x
      • Run HP 9000 container migration script

Migrating an HP 9000 container from A.01.0x to A.03.0x system model is not possible without deleting and re-configuring the container. This may also need some additional environment specific manual steps.

For more details, refer to "Migrating from HP 9000 Containers A.01.0x" section in HP 9000 Containers
Administrator's Guide.

Migrating from HP 9000 Containers A.03.0x

Installing newer versions of HP 9000 Containers v3 (A.03.0x) does not change the container contents. HP 9000 Containers A.03.0y can be safely installed on top of A.03.0x if y > x. To apply changes to existing containers, execute

$ srp -replace -s init,cmpt

HP 9000 Containers A.03.01.04 (Oct 2012) dependencies

Previous releases

Release version

Release date        


July 2012


June 2012


Dec 2011

A.03.00 (v3 release)

Aug 2011


Feb 2011

A.01.02 (v1 release)

Oct 2010

Additional product information
Product #: HP9000-Containers     
Additional info
Version: A.03.01.04 and A.01.06
Software specification: A.03.01.04 (HP9KContainers_A.03.01.04_HP-UX_B.11.31_IA.depot)
A.03.01.04 (HP9KContainers_Rel_Notes_A.03.01.04a.txt)
A.01.06 (HP9000_Containers_A.01.06.depot)
A.01.06 (HP9000_Containers_Rel_Notes_A.01.06.txt)