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HPE Recovery Manager Central (RMC) Software

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Note: RMC Software is no longer hosted on the Software Depot. This page is information-only.

To obtain RMC software:

3PAR Customers

·       Visit

·       Login with your HPE Passport User ID and Password.

·       A valid HPE software support contract is required in order to access the RMC software from this location.

·       If you already have an appropriate Service Agreement ID (SAID), please enter it in the box “Directly enter an SAID” and click on “View available products.”

·       In the next page, navigate as follows to access the RMC software for download: HPE Storage à Storage Software à HPE Recovery Manager Central (RMC)

·       SAIDs associated with purchase of the following SKUs are considered valid for downloading RMC:

o   HPE 3PAR StoreServ 8000/20000 base SKUs purchased on or after 13 Feb 2017 (with RMC licenses included as part of 3PAR all-inclusive single-system licensing)

o   Any RMC SKUs purchased at any time

o   SKUs purchased for:

§  3PAR Application Suite for VMware (3PAR Recovery Manager for VMware)

§  3PAR Application Suite for MS SQL (3PAR Recovery Manager for MS SQL)

§  3PAR Application Suite for Oracle (3PAR Recovery Manager for Oracle)

·       If you have a valid SAID, but you are still unable to access the RMC software, make sure you have linked the SAID to your HPE Passport profile. If you need further help, please contact HPE support.

·       If you do not have a valid SAID, you will be unable to access the RMC software unless you purchase a new support contract with HPE.

Nimble Customers

·       Go to the HPE Infosight portal:  

·       Go to  Resources -> Nimble Storage ->Software Downloads section

·       All Nimble customers will be able to access the RMC software from this location


Note: Upgrade from RMC version 5.0.x and previous versions is not supported. Upgrade from version RMC 6.0.0 is supported.

System Requirements

For detailed support / compatibility matrices, refer to the product documentation below or the HPE SPOCK website:

Product Documentation

To download product manuals / release notes, go to

Product Support

For support, please follow the standard support processes for your HPE storage arrays or visit


For license requirements, please consult the interactive document at: depending on your storage environment.

Additional product information
Product #: HPERMC
Global Trade ID: -
Version: 6.1.0
Software specification: