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HPE Recovery Manager Central Software (RMC) delivers unified data protection for your business critical application data stored on HPE Storage arrays. RMC addresses a range of RPO/RTO objectives with flexible recovery options using snapshots, backups and replicated data copies to meet a wide variety of DR requirements.

With the ability to manage snapshots, backups and replicated data copies from a single GUI, HPE Storage customers are able to meet their copy data management challenges more easily and meet the varied recovery SLAs that their business demands.

Note: RMC Software is no longer hosted on the Software Depot. This page is information-only. To obtain RMC software:

  • Visit and login with your HPE Passport User ID and Password.
  • A valid HPE software support contract is required in order to access the RMC software from this location.

Features and Benefits

  • Application-managed, non-intrusive, non-disruptive data protection and recovery
  • Simple, automated, faster and more efficient
  • Reduced cost, less complexity
  • Augments traditional backup software

What's new with HPE RMC 5.0.x

  • Support for protection of on-prem Microsoft Exchange Servers through application-consistent snapshots on the 3PAR arrays and Express Protect Backups to StoreOnce appliances.
  • RMC-SH support for SAP HANA Multi-tenant Database Container (MDC) configurations.
  • Extend data protection from the data center to the Cloud through support for copying backups to StoreOnce Cloud Bank Storage on a public cloud tier such as Amazon S3 or Microsoft Azure.

What's new with HPE RMC 5.0.3

  • Bug fixes for issues found on RMC 5.0.0 and 5.0.1 (see release notes for more information)


RMC is very easy to deploy and set up using just a few simple clicks. The RMC installer can be installed on any Windows server with a connection to a VMware ESXi host, supported primary storage arrays and StoreOnce systems. This one-time installer wizard guides the user to go through a set of pre-flight checks to evaluate environmental readiness and helps the user deploy RMC as a VMWare Virtual Appliance. RMC can also be installed as a Microsoft Hyper-V Virtual Appliance. In case the user does not have a StoreOnce appliance at the time of installation, the RMC installer also offers the option to install a free 1TB StoreOnce VSA for evaluation purposes to experience the benefits of Express Protect, first-hand. This trial VSA can then be upgraded to a fully working version by purchasing permanent licenses, if desired.

Upgrade Paths

  • RMC follows a policy of supporting upgrade paths from the last two versions for each release. Based on which version of software you are on currently, you might have to carry out a staged upgrade if you would like RMC to automatically help you migrate your existing snapshot schedules, policies and the index/catalog of snapshots. For other configurations (for eg: migrating from RM-V to RMC), fresh installs of RMC are recommended. Please see the table below for supported upgrade paths.

Supported Upgrade Paths

RMC 2.0.X → RMC 4.0.0 → RMC 5.0.3

RMC 3.0.0 → RMC 4.1.0 → RMC 5.0.3

RMC 4.x.0 → RMC 5.0.3

RMC 5.0.[0/1] → RMC 5.0.3

System Requirements

For detailed support / compatibility matrices, refer to the product documentation below or the HPE SPOCK website:


Product Documentation

To download product manuals / release notes, go to


Product Support

For support, please follow the standard support processes for your HPE storage arrays or visit



3PAR 8000/20000 Customers: All required RMC licenses for snapshot management for all supported applications are included as part of the 3PAR all-inclusive single system software suite that is bundled with your 3PAR StoreServ storage array. If your 3PAR 8000/20000 system is not part of the all-inclusive licensing scheme (i.e., if purchased prior to 13 Feb 2017), you may buy a transition SKU to convert your system to the all-inclusive scheme that will include RMC licenses. To purchase a transition SKU, contact your HPE Representative.

3PAR 7000/10000 Customers: If you happen to have any of the following licenses, you would be able to use the RMC equivalents without having to purchase any other additional license.

Existing license

Eligible for using

3PAR Recovery Manager for VMware vSphere(RM-V)

RMC for VMware (RMC-V)

3PAR Recovery Manager for MS SQL(RM-S)


3PAR Recovery Manager for Oracle

RMC for Oracle (RMC-O)

3PAR Recovery Manager for Exchange(RM-E)

RMC for Exchange (RMC-E)

Otherwise, you would need to purchase the RMC Suite of Licenses. To purchase a RMC Suite SKU, contact your HPE Representative.

StoreVirtual VSA / HC 250 Customers: For customers ordering after August 30, 2016 for the HC250 or after March 27, 2017 for the StoreVirtual VSA, you are already licensed for RMC. Otherwise, please contact HPE global licensing to relicense your HC250 or StoreVirtual VSA at:

StoreOnce: Please contact your HPE Representative to obtain a StoreOnce Catalyst license to benefit from fast, reliable Express Protect Backups to StoreOnce from the supported primary storage platforms.

Instructions for Electronic Download

  • Visit and login with your HPE Passport User ID and Password.
  • A valid HPE software support contract is required in order to access the RMC software from this location.
  • If you already have an appropriate Service Agreement ID (SAID), please enter it in the box "Directly enter an SAID" and click on "View available products."
  • In the next page, navigate as follows to access the RMC software for download: HPE Storage > Storage Software > HPE Recovery Manager Central (RMC) 5.0.3.
  • SAIDs associated with purchase of the following SKUs are considered valid for downloading RMC:
    • HPE 3PAR StoreServ 8000/20000 base SKUs purchased on or after 13 Feb 2017 (with RMC licenses included as part of 3PAR all-inclusive single-system licensing)
    • HPE HC 250 SKU bundle purchased on or after 30 Aug 2016 (with RMC licenses included) or re-licensed for RMC thereafter for purchases made prior to this date
    • HPE StoreVirtual VSA SKUs purchased on or after 27 Mar 2017 (with RMC licenses included) or re-licensed for RMC thereafter for purchases made prior to this date
    • Any RMC SKUs purchased at any time
    • SKUs purchased for:
      • 3PAR Application Suite for VMware (3PAR Recovery Manager for VMware)
      • 3PAR Application Suite for MS SQL (3PAR Recovery Manager for MS SQL)
      • 3PAR Application Suite for Oracle (3PAR Recovery Manager for Oracle)
      • 3PAR Application Suite for Exchange (3PAR Recovery Manager for MS Exchange)
  • If you have a valid SAID, but you are still unable to access the RMC software, make sure you have linked the SAID to your HPE Passport profile. If you need further help, please contact HPE support.
  • If you do not have a valid SAID, you will be unable to access the RMC software unless you purchase a new support contract with HPE.

Obtaining RMC software for Evaluation Purposes

  • If your 3PAR is not already licensed for RMC or you do not have a valid support contract, and would like to evaluate RMC, please contact your HPE representative to request a Not-for-Resale (NFR) license for a RMC Suite from here.
  • You will be getting access to both the RMC temporary license (valid for 180 days) and to the RMC software.

Privacy Statement:

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company (HPE) respects your privacy. Where appropriate, HPE applications have been and will continue to be revised to provide you with the appropriate notice of what personal information we are collecting from you, how we are using this personal information, and allow you the choice to share or not share this personal information with HPE.  To learn more about HPE privacy practices, including the personal data we collect, use, disclose and transfer as well as choices you can make and rights you can exercise in relation to your personal data, please visit HPE�s Privacy Statement,


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