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HP Insight Control LX (IC LX) is currently in End of Life (EOL) phase and will be at End of Support (EOS) in July 2015.

It is recommended that the IC LX customers transition to Insight Control or HP OneView for equivalent functionality.


HP Insight Control for Linux is essential server management that unlocks the management capabilities built into your HP ProLiant servers. Insight Control for Linux delivers powerful capabilities that enable you to proactively manage ProLiant server health - whether physical or virtual, deploy ProLiant servers quickly, optimize power consumption, and control ProLiant servers from anywhere.


HP Insight Control for Linux is an integrated management solution to manage multi-system Linux environments of industry-standard HP ProLiant servers in both Enterprise and Cluster environments. A robust feature set of the best open source and HP technologies is integrated with HP Systems Insight Manager (HP SIM) for discovery, imaging & provisioning, server deployment, health and performance management, remote management, virtualization, and general lifecycle management. Open source software, such as Nagios® and XEN®, are fully integrated and auto-configured for immediate user productivity. Lifecycle management is complemented by multi-system scaling, thermal & power management, and direct-to-the-hardware control. And HP Insight Control for Linux is backed by HP's Linux expertise and global HP Support.

Why use HP Insight Control for Linux?

Our customers need to achieve better business outcomes. They need total control, maximum flexibility, and tangible savings. And HP Insight Control for Linux (IC-Linux) delivers the extensible toolsets for administrator productivity of industry-standard x86 servers running Linux. HP Insight Control for Linux is the type of management solution that Linux administrators would design for themselves, given the opportunity. Capabilities offered include:

  • Integrated toolsets for Linux management productivity on industry-standard ProLiant x86 servers
  • Robust & advanced Linux lifecycle management with increased utilization and control
  • Virtualized environment management with XEN® or VMware ESX®
  • Immediate productivity using open source & commercial technologies
  • Confidence to use common open source technologies (e.g. Nagios®, XEN®, Supermon, Syslog-NG)
  • Linux-managed Reference Platforms for Business-critical infrastructures
  • Global support & Linux expertise from HP

HP Insight Control for Linux brings the full expertise of HP's management investments from UNIX and Windows to the Linux environment, while providing flexibility and productivity to fulfill the variety of usual management tasks.

At a Glance

HP Insight Control for Linux (IC-Linux) provides an integrated solution with the following capabilities:

  • HP Systems Insight Manager (on Linux)
  • HP Insight Control server deployment for schedulable & customizable execution of scripts, firmware updates, images, installations, etc. with bare metal discovery and a choice of deployment modes;
  • HP Insight Control health and performance management for scale-optimized control of large environments using performance dashboards, open source-based monitoring tools, and an extensible Nagios® interface for connecting to industry-common plug-ins;
  • HP Insight Control virtual machine management to manage host & guest environments using XEN® (open source hypervisor) and VMware ESX®;
  • HP Insight Control remote management for secure lights-out remote access and server control with virtual media support and out-of-band hardware monitoring;
  • HP Insight Control power management with Dynamic Power Capping and Datacenter Power Control for precise power and thermal management;
  • Installer to assist with installation of the integrated component capabilities
  • HP Software Technical Support and Update Service (24 x 7) for one year
  • HP Insight Control for Linux does not include a Linux operating system. Customers can choose from HP-supported RHEL or SLES versions, or select Community-supported Linux operating systems.

Technical Support and Update Service

HP Insight Control for Linux includes one year of 24 x 7 HP Software Technical Support and Update Service ensuring rapid access to HP support staff and proactive delivery of software updates. For more information about this service, please visit:

Registration for Software Technical Support and Update Service

After HP processes your support registration, you will receive a Service Agreement Identifier (SAID). You will need your SAID when calling for technical support. You will also need your SAID in order to receive the software updates that you are entitled to. You must use your SAID and access the Software Update Manager (SUM) at the HP IT Resource Center (ITRC) home page:

Free 60-day trial

To access a full-featured, free 60-day trial license key that supports up to 10 (ten) servers, please click on the "Free trial" link at

User documentation and more information

For additional information and access to user documentation (which can also be downloaded at this site), go to

For complete details on HP Insight Control for Linux supported devices, operating systems, and system software, click the Quickspecs link on the right side of the page at

Additional product information
Product #: HPICELX     
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Version: 7.1.1
Software specification: HP Insight Control for Linux V7.1.1
HP Insight Control for Linux V7.1.0
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