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HP-UX Linker, Libraries and Tools

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The HP-UX Linker, Libraries, and Tools is a software suite comprising of HP-UX Operating System link-editor (ld), the dynamic loader (, the libraries that provide dynamic linking support and functionality, and a set of tools (binary utilities) that operate on ELF and SOM object file formats.

The software suite is an integral part of the HP-UX Developer Tools for C, C++, and Fortran. It is available on both HP-UX Integrity and HP-UX PA-RISC hardware platforms and supports HP-UX 11i v3 operating system.

This software suite is part of the base packages provided with HP-UX Operating Environment. It is likely that a newer version of the suite is available for download. Check the downloads sections for newer versions.


HP-UX Linker and Libraries User Guide

This guide provides exhaustive and comprehensive information to help developers use the right set of tools with multiple options. This guide also covers performance aspects. Developers can choose options that match the application workload to obtain optimum performance.

This guide covers all tools in the software suite. The HP-UX Linker, Libraries and Tools User Guide can be accessed from this location.


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The latest patch released on HP-UX 11i v3 (PA-RISC and Integrity) is:

  • PHSS_44731 (Relesed in September 2018)

NOTE: These patches can be accessed through a privileged access. Use the following link to download the patches:

Enter the patch ID to download the intended patch.