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Java Application Migration

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» Java on HP-UX Home

The following resources are available to assist in migrating Java applications to HP-UX from other platforms:

  • Java Tools for HP-UX 11i Quick Start & Migration Guide
    Provides information about the tools available on HP-UX to help you migrate your Java applications

  • Migrating Java Application to HP-UX
    Provides guidance on how to easily migrate your existing Java applications from other platforms to HP-UX.

  • Java Migration Kit for HP-UX
    Convenient kit of essential tools and documentation. It includes the following components:
    • HPjmeter 4.1
    • HPjconfig 3.2.00
    • HPE Out-of-Box Tool 2.06
    • javaGlanceAdviser.ksh 1.0
    • HPjmeter Quick Start Reference
    • Java Tools for HP-UX 11i: Quick Start and Migration Guide
    • Migrating Java Applications to HP-UX
    • README (quick startup instructions)


Java Migration Kit Download:

» Java Migration Kit 1.0 — September 2010


Java Migration Kit Documentation:

» Java Tools for HP-UX 11i Quick Start & Migration Guide
» Migrating Java Application to HP-UX
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