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Runtime Plug-in (JPI) 1.4.2.x for Netscape/Mozilla - Downloads and Documentation

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Oracle is scheduled to release Java 8 in March 2014 and Java 9 during the fall of 2016. As newer versions of Java are released, older versions of Java will reach EOS. Below are the current known end-of-support dates for Java. Customers should be aware of the EOS dates and plan to migrate to the latest version of Java before the scheduled EOS date to ensure ongoing support.

HP-UX Java version end-of-support dates:

  • Java 5 EOS: March 18, 2014
  • Java 6 EOS: September, 2016

Prior releases:

Java 1.4.2: Reached EOS on May 1, 2012.

All versions prior to Java 1.4.2 reached EOS on February 28, 2007 or earlier.

For more details of the HP-UX Java end-of-support policy, see HP-UX Java - End of Support Policy & Release Naming Terminology on the Business Support Center at

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