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HP-UX Streams SRP

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HP-UX SRP is a small virtual operating system solution that provides multiple secure application execution environments in a single system under a common HP-UX kernel. These multiple application execution environments (containers) are isolated from each other and function independently. Each container acts as an independent system with its own virtual file system, services, hostname, private user and group management and handles all tasks autonomously.

HPUX-Streams-SRP incorporates enhancements in kernel space needed to support HP-UX SRP.


HPUX-Streams-SRP delivers a kernel module to support new networking features of HP-UX ContainmentPlus bundle (ContainmentExt B.11.31.03) and HP-UX-SRP bundle version A.03.00.

Additional product information
Product #: HPUXStreamsSRP
Version: 1.0
Software specification: B.11.31