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HPE Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager

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If your organization is using HPE BladeSystem c-Class servers and Virtual Connect to provide a change-ready IT infrastructure, Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager (VCEM) can help you increase productivity, respond faster to changing workloads and business requirements, while reducing costs substantially.


Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager centralizes network connection management and workload mobility for up to thousands of HPE BladeSystem servers that use Virtual Connect to access LANs and SANs:


  • Uses a single console and central address pool to manage multiple Virtual Connect domains across your datacenter
  • Virtual Connect domain grouping increases infrastructure consistency, enables rapid server movement between BladeSystem enclosures and enables one-to-many configuration changes
  • Assign, migrate and failover server connection profiles and workloads in minutes
  • Complete critical datacenter tasks quickly without disrupting LAN and SAN availability
    • Deploy new BladeSystem servers and Virtual Connect domains
    • Apply configuration changes to multiple BladeSystem enclosures
    • Perform rapid and cost-effective blade server recovery
    • Complete planned system maintenance with minimal downtime
    • Repurpose and migrate blade servers to meet workload and business priorities
  • Licensed per c-Class enclosure for the life of the enclosure
  • Integrates seamlessly with existing Virtual Connect infrastructures
  • Reduces time and costs of man hours used to deploy and manage BladeSystem environments


Note: VCEM is included on DVD #1 of the Insight Management DVD.  Insight Management Limited Releases (if available) should be installed after installing the full version.

Versions Available:

  • VCEM 7.6 on Insight Management 7.6 DVD - December 2016

  • VCEM 7.6 LR1 on Insight Management 7.6 LR1 release - August 2017

  • VCEM 7.6 LR2 on Insight Management 7.6 LR2 release - March 2018

  • VCEM 7.6 LR3 on Insight Management 7.6 LR3 release - November 2018

  • VCEM 7.6 LR4 on Insight Management 7.6 LR4 release - April 2019


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Updated: April 2019

Additional product information
Product #: HPVCEM     
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Global Trade ID: -
Version: -
Software specification: VCEM on Insight Management v7.6 LR4 April 2019
VCEM on Insight Management v7.6 LR3 November 2018
VCEM on Insight Management v7.6 LR2 March 2018
VCEM on Insight Management v7.6 LR1 August 2017
VCEM on Insight Management v7.5 update 1 May 2016
VCEM on Insight Management 7.6 DVD-1 ZIP - December 2016
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