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VMware ESXi 3.5 and Updates

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HP VMware ESXi Downloadable Software

Run all your production applications at near-native performance on the next-generation OS-independent VMware hypervisor, available for free. VMware ESXi is a next-generation thin architecture, providing an efficient foundation for building a dynamic, automated data center. VMware ESXi has the same functionality and performance as VMware ESX but with a 32 MB disk footprint.

HP has tightly integrated VMware ESXi with HP ProLiant platforms, delivering HP Systems Insight Manager providers simplifying virtualization deployments and management. Complete product information can be found at

What's New

Run latest release of ESXi 3.5 on DL360 G7 and/or DL380 G7 with new images available specifically for the server. This image is required for CIM providers to support these servers.

The HP VMware ESXi solution requires the following:

  • VMware ESXi software free downloadable product
  • Registration on the VMware ESXi Hypervisor web page to obtain permanent license serial number
    • Should you wish to upgrade to any of the VMware vSphere ESX 4.x Editions, you can purchase the following products:
      • VMware vSphere Standard 1P License, part number 571772-B21
      • VMware vSphere Standard + DR 1P License, part number 573209-B21
      • VMware vSphere Advanced 1P License, part number 571773-B21
      • VMware vSphere Enterprise Plus 1P License, part number 571774-B21
  • Your choice of media - USB or SD Flash Memory – purchased from the manufacturer (see details below).
  • Getting Started Guide documentation that is included with this software download.
  • Support and Services:
    • Support for the HP VMware ESXi product requires a paid Service and Support agreement. Visit for more information.
    • Hewlett-Packard customers that have purchased software support and subscription for the VMware and Citrix products can contact their local HP support center for software services. Visit to learn more about Service and Support.
    • Support for the media is provided by the manufacturer.
    • HP VMware ESXi does not support any other SD card devices.

Information about HP supported HP/SD card Flash drive:

Supported USB key*:
HP 2GB USB Flash Media Drive Key 
HP Part Number 608447-B21 
[spare kit part number 608863-001]

Supported SD card*:

HP 4GB SD Flash Media
HP Part Number 580387-B21
[spare kit part number 583306-001]

*Must be purchased separately

HP has qualified above flash devices for use with ProLiant servers that support VMware virtualization environment. HP recommends these industry standard flash device for use with HP VMware ESXi.


Electro-Static Discharge (ESD) Caution Statement: As with all electronic devices, measures should be taken to avoid ESD discharge to above mentioned devices, especially when using for data transfer. HP recommends grounding measures be taken when handling any exposed computer component


Additional product information
Product #: HPVM05
Version: 3.5 and Updates
Software specification: ESXi HD Image Installer for the BL380 G7 and BL360 G7 (535487-003.iso)
ESXi Flash Image Installer for the BL380 G7 and BL360 G7 (535488-003.iso)
ESXi Getting Started Guide (469408-005.pdf)
ESXi HD Image Installer (535487-002.iso)
ESXi Flash Image Installer (535488-002.iso)
ESXi Getting Started Guide (469408-004.pdf)
ESXi Release Notes (598391-001.pdf)