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HPE 3PAR Storage Replication Adapter for VMware Site Recovery Manager

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Product details and specifications

HPE 3PAR Storage Replication Adapter (SRA) Software for VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) integrates HPE 3PAR StoreServ Remote Copy replication software with VMware SRM to provide a foundation for disaster recovery and business continuity solutions. VMware SRM offers centralized management of recovery plans, non-disruptive testing, and automated site recovery, failback and migration processes. HPE 3PAR SRA software orchestrates storage replication provided by the HPE 3PAR Remote Copy and HPE 3PAR Virtual Copy software to ensure the highest performing and most reliable disaster protection for virtualized applications.

Features and Benefits

  • Accelerate recovery for the virtual environment through automation
  • Promote reliable recovery by enabling non-disruptive testing
  • Simplify recovery and avoid misconfiguration by eliminating complex manual recovery steps and centralizing management of recovery plans
  • Leverage the high performance, reliability and simplicity of HPE 3PAR replication capabilities

What's New in HPE 3PAR SRA Software version 6.5.4

  • SRA behavior of unexporting the devices during SRM Recovery operation can be enabled or disabled using the command line option.


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System Requirements

For a complete list of supported hardware and firmware versions, please review the VMware Compatibility Guide for SRM. For VMware software interoperability between SRM, vCenter and vSphere ESXi, please refer to the VMware Product Interoperability Matrices.

Software requirements
  • VMware Site Recovery Manager (connected to supported VMware vCenter versions)
  • HPE 3PAR Remote Copy Software
  • HPE 3PAR Virtual Copy Software
  • HPE 3PAR Storage Replication Adapter Software for VMware SRM

For the supported VMware SRM and HPE software versions, please refer to the HPE 3PAR SRA SPOC page.

Product documentation

HPE 3PAR Storage Replication Adapter Software for VMware SRM Information Library Documentation page

For addition information on VMware Site Recovery Manager, please visit VMware's website:

Product requirements

For support, please follow your standard support processes for your HPE storage arrays or visit the HPE Support website.

Additional product information
Product #: HP_3PAR_SRM
Version: 6.5.4
Software specification: 3PAR SRA 6.5.4 code (
3PAR SRA 6.5.3 code (