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IB4X-00 Driver for InfiniBand

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IB4X-00 Driver for InfiniBand

The IB4X-00 software supports the following HPE products:

  • 448262-B21 HPE 4X Mezzanine Fabric Adapter
  • 410533-B21 HPE 4X Mezzanine Fabric Adapter
  • AH304A HPE PCIe 2-port 4X Fabric (HPC/DB) Host Channel Adapter
  • AD313A HPE PCIe 2-port 4X Fabric (HPC/DB) Host Channel Adapter
  • AB286C HPE PCI-X 2-port 4X Fabric (HPC/DB) Host Channel Adapter
  • AB286A HPE PCI-X 2-port 4X Fabric (HPC) Host Channel Adapter
  • AB286A/C,AB345A/C,AD313A,410533-B21,AH304A,448262-B21,592519-B21

NOTE: The Host Channel Adapters ARE NOT supported on PA platforms.

NOTE: AH304A and 448262-B21 are only supported from the B.11.31.08 version of IB4X-00 software.

NOTE: 592519-B21 is supported only from IB4X-00 B.11.31.1008 onwards.

Starting with the B.11.31.0909 release, IB4X-00 will support the Reliable Datagram Sockets (RDS) protocol. RDS is used for communication between Oracle RAC (Real Application Cluster) nodes. For more information on RAC, visit the Oracle RAC web site. For RAC support information, visit the Oracle RAC Technologies Matrix for UNIX Platforms web site.

Installation Instructions:

  1. To install all the products from the downloaded depot, run the swinstall(1M) program.

    If you prefer to run the swinstall program from the command line, enter
    /usr/bin/swinstall -x autoreboot=true -s IB4X-00
    or enter
    /usr/bin/swinstall -x autoreboot=true -s \*
    at the command prompt. The depot_file filename should contain the full path; for example, /tmp/ib.depot .

  2. Select the "Local Directory" Source Depot Type (from a list of: Local CD, Local tape, Local Directory, Network Directory/CDROM).
  3. Enter the full path name of the depot file you downloaded into Source Depot Path field.
  4. Click the OK button.
  5. Highlight the IB4X-00 software bundle.
  6. Choose Mark for Install from the Actions menu to choose the product to be installed.
  7. Choose Install from the Actions menu to begin product installation. This will display the Install Analysis window.
  8. Click the OK button in the Install Analysis window when the Status field displays a Ready message.
  9. Click the Yes button in the Confirmation window to confirm that you want to install the software. swinstall installs product files, and builds the kernel. Estimated time for processing: 3 to 5 minutes.
  10. When the Status field indicates Ready, click the Done button.
  11. The Note window opens. Click the OK button on the Note window to reboot the system.

For Further Information

Information on the Host Channel Adapters this product works with, the switch, and other hardware components you need is provided in the online documents available at in the 'I/O Cards and Networking Software' collection.

Additional product information
Product #: IB4X-00
Version: B.11.31.1505
Software specification: B.11.31.1203 IA
B.11.31.1303 IA
B.11.31.1304 IA
B.11.31.1503 IA
B.11.31.1505 IA