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Product details and specifications

The ISOIMAGE-ENH product provides support for mounting and unmounting the International Standardization for Organization (ISO) Imagefiles using the mount(1M) and umount(1M) commands.

New Feature in this Release

The ISOIMAGE-ENH product provides a new feature for mounting and unmounting the ISO imagefiles.

Because this product is delivered as a Dynamically Loadable Kernel Module (DLKM) named fspd, use the following commands to load and unload the fspd module after installing the depot:

  • To load:
    #kcmodule fspd=loaded

  • To unload:
    #kcmodule fspd=unused

For more information on how to mount and unmount the ISO Imagefiles, see the mount_cdfs(1M) manpage after installing the PHCO_39675 mount_cdfs(1M) manpage patch.

The ISOIMAGE-ENH product depends on the following patches:

  • PHCO_39672 - mount_cdfs(1M) command patch
  • PHCO_39673 - mount(1M) command patch
  • PHCO_39674 - umount(1M) command patch
  • PHCO_39675 - mount_cdfs(1M) manpage patch
Additional product information
Version: 11.31
Software specification: HPUX 11i v3(ISIMAGE.depot)