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HPE Intelligent Provisioning Recovery Media Version 1.61

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Installs HPE Intelligent Provisioning software on supported ProLiant Gen8 Servers

Upgrade Requirement:

HPE recommends users update to this version at their earliest convenience.

Important Notes:

The HPE Intelligent Provisioning (IP) recovery media is only needed when you would like to manually install the software onto an HPE ProLiant Gen8 server.  IP is already embedded on your ProLiant Gen8 server and accessible by pressing the F10 key at server POST.  To update IP, you may go to the Firmware Update feature in the Maintenance page of IP.  For more information, go to

Note: ProLiant Gen9 servers are only supported with IP 2.x and later.

Note: ProLiant Gen8 servers are only supported with IP 1.x and later.

HPE Intelligent Provisioning Release Notes, please visit Intelligent Provisioning Release Notes.


Enhancements Included in 1.61:

  • Added ability to deploy HPE StoreVirtual VSA (Virtual Storage Appliance) alongside your hypervisor. For more information on HPE StoreVirtual VSA, visit here.
Enhancements Included in 1.60(B):
  • Updated System Management Homepage which addresses the security vulnerability communicated in Security Bulletin HPSBMU02998 for CVE-2014-0160 known as “Heartbleed”.
Enhancements Included in 1.60:
  • New server support, UI updates, Secure Boot support, and HPE Remote Support updates.
Important: Versions 1.60 and 1.60(B) are no longer available for download from HPE Support Center. Version 1.61 is recommended for any necessary updates or re-installs.

File List:

36326f53ced49bfe511cbae18733570a HPIP161.2014_0916.43.iso

Reboot Requirement:

Reboot may be required after installation for updates to take effect and hardware stability to be maintained.

For Available Support Documentation:

Contents of this ZIP file:

  • DVD ISO image
  • Readme.txt

Making a physical DVD from an ISO image file
Download the files to a temporary directory.

In order to create a DVD from this ISO image, you must use a software utility capable of writing an ISO file to a recordable media such as DVD-R.

  • Note: Simply copying the ISO file to a DVD-R will NOT result in a usable DVD. HPE recommends you run MD5 Checksum on the Zip file and/or ISO image prior to burning the DVD. HPE also recommends that you turn the verify feature "ON".

DVD labeling
For reference purposes, please label your resulting DVD as follows:

  • Intelligent Provisioning recovery media 1.61

Copying the ISO Image file to the HPE USB Key Utility For Windows

The HPE USB Key Utility is a Windows application that will allow the user to copy the Intelligent Provisioning recovery media to a USB memory key.  Users may then install Intelligent Provisioning from a USB key instead of from the DVD.  To download the HPE USB Key Utility for Windows, go here.

Additional product information
Product #: Intelligent_Provisioning_1.61
Version: 1.61
Software specification: 870009-001 (Intelligent_Provisioning_1.61-HPIP161.2014_0916.43.iso)