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X.25/9000 Software for HP 9000 Enterprise Business Servers, HP Integrity Servers, HP 9000 Workstations, and HP Visualize Workstations provides a network connection to private and public X.25 networks in conformance with the 1980/1984/1988 CCITT recommendations.

Note: There is no support for workstations on HP-UX 11i v3.

This product allows communication between HPE 9000s and HPE Integrity Servers, as well as between HPE 9000 or HPE Integrity Servers, and other systems or telecommunications equipment (HPE or non-HPE) over X.25 networks. Communication is achieved through the use of Internet Services and Transport (TCP/IP), OSI Services and Transport, SNA over QLLC, or UNIX®-to-UNIX copy protocol (UUCP).

X.25/9000 Software provides a programmatic interface for direct access to X.25 packet layer 3 (using Berkeley Sockets). This allows customers to develop their own protocols and services for communication with remote devices (computers or telecommunications equipment) over an X.25 network. Remote display terminals and remote PAD printers are supported through implementation of host PAD capability conforming to the CCITT recommendations X.3 and X.29. Host PAD emulation and remote printing capabilities are also supported.

It supports X.25 over LLC2 (XOL). XOL allows X.25 layer 3 to connect to DLPI instead of LAP-B and provides the X.25 functionality on top of LAN cards such as Ethernet, FDDI, and TokenRing.

It supports X.25 over TCP (XOT), which is based on RFC 1613. XOT allows X.25 layer 3 to connect to TCP/IP stack instead of LAP-B and provides X.25 functions on top of a TCP/IP infrastructure. Since XOT is a software-based solution, the X.25 applications require minimal or no changes after migrating to XOT.

X.25/9000 Software is designed to deliver high performance figures, especially when used with high-speed communication interface cards (with line speeds up to 2 Mb/s).

Thanks to its flexible product structure and ability to operate with different hardware serial interface cards, X.25/9000 Software allows the building of X.25 connectivity solutions tailored to a broad range of customers' requirements, such as:

  • A low-cost solution for connecting a large number of remote sites (small branch offices, points of sale) to a corporate server.
  • A high-performance WAN connectivity for HPE 9000 servers and workstations running very demanding networked applications, typically in the telecommunications environment (OSS, BSS, or AIN applications), or for large online information servers.

For more information see, X.25 documentation.

What is New in this Release

This release of X.25 includes the following major enhancements:<

  • Configuration of PAD services for XOT interface.
  • XOT protocol is supported in HPVM environment.
  • The local and remote fail-over feature is supported over the XOT interface in a Serviceguard environment.

This version of X.25 is now supported on the Integrity i4 servers also. For more information, see X.25 Reease lNotes.

Publish Date: September 2012

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Product #: J2793B
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Version: B.11.11.02/B.11.23.04/B.11.31.03
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