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JDK/JRE and Plug-In 6.0.01

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This is the download page of the JDK/JRE and Plug-In 6.0.01 product for HP-UX 11i Java™.   For complete product information, please go to the JDK, JRE, and Plug-In 6.0.x Downloads and Documentation page.

For general HP-UX 11i Java information, please go to the HP-UX 11i Java Technology Software page.

Additional product information
Product #: JDKJRE6001
Version: 6.0.01
Software specification: Itanium R JDK 6.0.01 - Jun 08(jdk6_16001_ia.depot)
Itanium R JRE 6.0.01 - Jun 08(jre6_16001_ia.depot)
Itanium R JRE tar 6.0.01 - Jun 08(jre6_16001_ia.tar.Z)
PA-RISC JDK 6.0.01 - Jun 08(jdk6_16001_pa.depot)
PA-RISC JDKaa 6.0.01 - Jun 08(jdk6aa_16001_pa.depot)
PA-RISC JRE 6.0.01 - Jun 08(jre6_16001_pa.depot)
PA-RISC JRE tar 6.0.01 - Jun 08(jre6_16001_pa.tar.Z)
PA-RISC JREaa 6.0.01 - Jun 08(jre6aa_16001_pa.depot)
PA-RISC JREaa tar 6.0.01 - Jun 08(jre6aa_16001_pa.tar.Z)