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Java JDK, JRE, JPI and tools on HP-UX

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Java™ 2 Standard Edition (J2SE™) products for HP-UX

Java 2 Standard Edition products for HP-UX provide solutions to develop and deploy Java applications with the best performance on HP-UX PA-RISC and Itanium-based servers and workstations.

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  • Online release notes, programmer's guide, and white papers
  • Technical support
  • HP-UX patch information

Available downloads include

  • SDK (JDK) and RTE (JRE)
  • Java plugins for Netscape and Mozilla (JPI)
  • HPE 3D Technology for the Java Platform
  • HPjmeter performance analysis tool
  • HPjtune garbage collection analysis tool
  • HPjconfig configuration tool
  • Java Web Start application deployment
  • HPE out-of-box tool
  • HPE communications API for Java