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Product details and specifications

NonStop ATC Utilities is a collection of utility scripts and programs for developers and system managers of the NonStop SQL/MX product.

You can access the following sample program files from this page:

  • SQL/MX Utility Scripts ( containing:
  • mxschema version 10.1. This script can be used to manage SQL/MX catalogs, schemas and the utility views on the SQL/MX meta data.
  • mxmfc version 2.5. This is a script to manage SQL/MX modules that are created by the Module File Cache (MFC) functionality in ODBC and JDBC.
  • mxcs version 0.7. A wrapper script around a set of useful commands to manage MXCS Data Sources using mxci.
  • statusddl version 3.1. Statusddl was featured in a "Connection" article as an example of using SQL/MX Publish/Subscribe to monitor DDL operations.
  • More scripts may be included in the future
  • To install the scripts, extract the scripts from the zip file and transfer them to the NonStop server in the OSS environment. The /usr/local/bin directory is a preferred location for these scripts.

    • Visual Query Analyst (VQA) Version 3.2.3 for NonStop SQL/MX  (VQA3.2.3.jar)

    As an alternative to Visual Query Planner (VQP), Visual Query Analyst (VQA) is a utility that allows you to graphically display query execution plans generated by the SQL/MX optimizer. You can retrieve an execution plan for any DML statement. Execution plans are displayed in a "directory", like VQP, and can be displayed in a tree format.

    VQA allows read-only queries to be executed and results are displayed in a separate window. Visual Query Analyst allows you to try out the effects of CONTROL QUERY DEFAULT and CONTROL QUERY SHAPE statements on a specific query plan. You can also save plans to a file, archive them, and exchange them with other users. The tree representation of the plan can be saved in PNG format. Visual Query Analyst connects to a SQL/MX database using JDBC/MX, and queries the result table of the EXPLAIN function to extract query plan information. You must be connected to JDBC/MX to use Visual Query Analyst to generate execution plans.

    Previously saved execution plans can be examined off-line. VQA is able to run in OSS to produce an execution plan for offline perusal in a graphical environment like Windows, UNIX or Linux.

    To install VQA, simply download the Java archive to your workstation and double-click. VQA requires the SQL/MX JDBC Type 4 driver.

    Installation Instructions

    1. Click Download for Free.
    2. Complete the registration page and select one or more files for download.
    3. Save one or more files on your system and extract the contents.
    4. Open the online help or sample program with the appropriate application.
    5. The OSS scripts provide online command help when the -h option is used.
    6. Online help for VQA can be accessed via the menu bar.

    Date: 22FEB2012

    Additional product information
    Product #: NSATC_UTILS
    Version: H06.10+, J06.03+
    Software specification: SQL/MX Utility Scripts(
    Visual Query Analyst Version 3.2.3(VQA3.2.3.jar)