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Product details and specifications
The Network Interfaces Configuration and Network Services Configuration product (bundle name, NetworkConf) is used to configure and manage network interfaces and network services on a HP-UX system. These two plug-ins can be launched from the HPE System Management Homepage (HPE SMH).

The Network Interfaces Configuration and Network Services Configuration product is the Networking and Communications functional area that was available in the System Administration Manager (SAM). SAM is deprecated in HP-UX 11i v3 and moving forward will be unavailable.

Note: The fileset SysMgmtBase.SAM-RUN of SysMgmtBase revision B. or later is a corequisite for the following filesets that belong to NetworkConf version B.11.31.10 or later:

  • NetworkConfig.NCWEB-TUI_IA
  • NetworkConfig.NCWEB-TUI_PA

Note: The fileset SysMgmtBase.SAM-RUN of SysMgmtBase revision B. or later is a corequisite for the following filesets that belong to NetworkConf version B.11.31.05 or later:

  • NetworkConfig.SHARE_TUI_PA
  • NetworkConfig.SHARE_TUI_IA

Network Interfaces Configuration

Network Interfaces Configuration tool is used for configuring APA, NIC, RDMA, VLAN, Tunnel, HyperFabric, and X.25 interfaces. Network Interfaces Configuration provides the following features:

  • The NIC tab enables the user to manage network interface cards. It auto detects LAN interfaces if they are installed on the system. When you install LAN drivers, Network Interfaces Configuration automatically detects the interfaces and makes it available for you to configure the interface. You need not install additional patches to configure the interface.
  • The APA tab enables the user to manage link aggregates.
  • The RDMA tab enables the user to reset RDMA interfaces and perform Critical Resource Analysis (CRA) on a selected RDMA interface.
  • The VLAN tab enables the user to manage virtual LANs.
  • The Tunnels tab enables the user to configure and manage tunnel interfaces.
  • The HyperFabric tab enables the user to start and stop HyperFabric on the node, and configure and manage HyperFabric network interface cards.

Network Interfaces Configuration provides a web-based graphical user interface (GUI) and a text user interface (TUI).

Network Services Configuration

Network Services Configuration tool is used for configuring various network services. Network Services Configuration comprises the following components:

  • Neighbor Discovery Cache
    • IPv6 Neighbor Discovery Cache
  • Bootable Devices
    • Fixed-Address Devices Booting From this Server
    • DHCP Device Groups Booting From this Server
    • Devices for which Boot Requests are Relayed to Remote Servers
  • DHCPv6
    • Configuring Default DHCPv6 Client Settings
    • Configuring DHCPv6 Server
    • Configuring a Host to act as a DHCPv6 Relay Agent
    • Configuring DHCPv6 Relay Interface Mappings
    • Configuring DHCPv6 Address Pools
    • Configuring DHCPv6 Client Duid Groups
    • Configuring DHCPv6 Device Groups
  • DNS
    • DNS Local Name Server
    • DNS Resolver
  • Hosts
    • Local Hosts File
    • NIS Hosts Map
  • Name Service Switch
  • Network Services
  • NIS
  • Route
  • Networked File Systems
    • Automounted Remote File System
    • Local Netgroups
    • NIS Netgroups
    • Share/Unshare File Systems(Export FS)
  • System Access
    • Internet Services
    • Remote Logins
  • Time
    • NTP Broadcasting
    • NTP Network Time Sources
    • System Clock
  • Network News
    • Inbound Newsfeeds
    • Outbound Newsfeeds

In the HP-UX 11i v3 release, IPv6 Neighbor Discovery Cache and Share/Unshare File Systems provide a web-based graphical user interface. Share/Unshare File Systems provides a text user interface too. All other components provide X-Window based user interface.


For additional information about the product, see the following:

  • Product help that is integrated with the tool
  • ncweb(1M), smh(1M) and sam(1M) manpages

What is new in this release

This release of the product includes defect fixes.

QXCR1001489988: Discrepancy when trying to check or start NTP from SMH.

Description: When NTP (Network Time Protocol) is started through SMH TUI, status in the SMH TUI would always remain as NTP Not Started. Due to this, it does not allow to start and stop the NTP again through SMH TUI. Since start or stop of NTP depends on the NTP Running or Not Running status. This discrepancy issue when trying to start NTP has been resolved in the release.

QXCR1001480208: SAM is not able to configure newer DNS BIND.

QXCR1001466824: Modify the default text displayed in APA page of Network.

IMPORTANT: This release of NetworkConf is dependent on a patch. The filesets NETMG2-RUN and LANCRA-SHLIB of the patch PHNE_41971 or later are corequisites for the filesets of NetworkConf version B.11.31.12 or later. If a later version of patch PHNE_41971 is installed, you may see the following message during installation of NetworkConf:

The filesets of NetworkConf is dependent on the patch PHNE_41971.

You can safely ignore the message and proceed with the installation.

For information about the current product changes, see HP System Management Homepage Release Notes available at and HP-UX 11i Version 3 March 2016 Release Notes available at

Additional product information
Product #: NetworkConf     
Additional info
Version: B.11.31.20
Software specification: HP-UX 11i v3 (NetworkConf_B.11.31.20_HP-UX_B.11.31_IA_PA.depot)