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Node and Host Name Expansion

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Product details and specifications

The optional Node and Host Name Expansion product bundle (NodeHostNameXpnd, revision B.11.23.01) contains a product (NodeHostXpndEnbl, revision B.11.23.01) which allows the system administrator to set expanded node and host names.

Without this product, node names may be up to 8 bytes and host names up to 64 bytes.�With the product, they may be up to 255 bytes each.

This version of the product is intended for customers who have formally contacted HPE about their need for longer node and host names.

Features and Benefits

Node and Host Name Expansion provides the following features and benefits:

  • Allows more meaningful node and host names
  • Provides flexibility for system expansion
  • Provides compatibility with future application software


Using long node and host names may affect the operation of other system or application software. Install the NodeHostNameXpnd product bundle only if you intend to actually use expanded node and/or host names, or intend to develop software which accommodates expanded names. See the document Node and Host Name Sizes on HP-UX for instructions on how to activate the extensions and a description of application compatibility issues before installing this bundle. This document should be read and understood before using the product. It is available after installation at usr/share/doc/NodeHostNameSize.pdf.

The SNAplus2 product was not updated to accommodate expanded node and host names at the time this document was written. If you utilize this product, setting expanded node and/or host names will result in system errors. DO NOT install the optional long node and host name feature on systems using the SNAplus2 product until the long node and host name feature is supported. Check the HPE IT Resource Center for the latest information.

Required patches /Updates for Optional Products

The NodeHostNameXpnd product bundle contains all base operating system patches required for handling expanded names (except as noted in this section). Updates and patches for optional HPE products to handle expanded names are listed in the table below. These product updates and patches are not contained in the NodeHostNameXpnd product bundle.

The base operating system patches PHCO_31926 (SAM) and PHSS_32674 (ObAM) need to be installed to support expanded host names longer than 64 bytes. They are not included in this version of the NodeHostNameXpndbundle and are not automatically installed. Setting a longer host name and using SAM without these or superseding patches will result in errors or runtime aborts.

The following table contains the update/patch versions required for optional HPE Products supporting expanded node and host names. Earlier versions of these products may exhibit anomalous behavior or failures when used on a system configured with long node and/or host names.

Required Update and Patch Versions
Optional Product Description Bundle/Product Name(s) Minimum Version or Patch
DCE Client Patch DCE-Core PHSS_30771
DCE Client Patch DCE-Core Tools PHSS_30771
kwdb kernel debugger KWDB PHSS_30601
Clusterpack agent CPACK-AGENT PHSS_29950
Clusterpack util CPACK-MGR PHSS_29949
C/ANSI C serverPA B3901BA B.11.23.08
C/ANSI C serverIPF B3901BA A.06.00
C/ANSI C workstation PA B3899BA B.11.23.08
C/ANSI C workstation IPF B3899BA A.06.00
C++ PA server B3913DB C.03.62
C++ IPF server B3913DB A.06.00
C++ PA workstation B3911DB C.03.62
C++ IPF workstation B3911DB A.06.00
IPFilter B9901AA A.03.05.10
IPSec J4256AA A.02.00.01
LDAP-Integration J4269AA B.03.20.02
CIFS Client B8724AA A.01.09.02
iCOD capacity on demand B9073BA B.
PPU pay-per-use T2351AA B.
WLM workload manager B8843CA A.02.03.03
PRM resource manager B3835DA C.02.03.03
PRM resource manager patch PRM-Sw-Lib PHSS_30986
PRM resource manager patch Proc-Resrc-Mgr PHSS_30986
GlancePlus s700 B3691AA C.03.85.00
GlancePlus s700 trial B3691AA_TRY C.03.85.00
GlancePlus s800 B3693AA C.03.85.00
GlancePlus s800 trial B3693AA_TRY C.03.85.00
GlancePlusPak s700 B3699AA C.03.85.00
GlancePlusPak s700trial B3699AA_TRY C.03.85.00
GlancePlusPak s800 B3701AA C.03.85.00
GlancePlusPak s800 trial B3701AA_TRY C.03.85.00
Measureware agent s700 B4965AA C.03.85.00
Measureware agent s700 trial B4965AA_TRY C.03.85.00
Measureware agent s800 B4967AA C.03.85.00
Measureware agent s800 trial B4967AA_TRY C.03.85.00
IDS HPUX-HIDS D.02.02.26
CDE Base Patch CDE PHSS_32364
XClients Patch X11 PHSS_32366
AudioSubsystem Patch AudioSubsystem PHSS_32369
X/Motif Runtime Patch X11 PHSS_32454
CDE Applications Patch CDE PHSS_32455
HPE Desktop Dev HPDesktopDev B.11.23.09
AudioDevKit AudioDevKit B.11.23.09
CDEDevKit CDEDevKit B.11.23.09
ImagingDevKit ImagingDevKit B.11.23.09
X11MotifDevKit X11MotifDevKit B.11.23.09
SharedX SharedX B.11.23.06
Imaging Imaging B.11.23.06
WTSharedX WTSharedX B.11.23.06
WTWhiteboard WTWhiteboard B.11.23.06
WDB/GDB debuggers IPF WDB B.11.23.06
WDB/GDB debuggers PA WDB B.11.25.08
Peripheral Device Tool PeriphDevWeb B.11.23.04
X.25 J2793B B.11.23.03
X-Server Xserver PHSS_30505
Ignite-UX B5725AA C.6.0.109
Java 1.4.2 JDK T1456AA
Java 1.4.2 JRE T1457AA
Java 1.3.1 JDK B9788AA
Java 1.3.1 JRE B9789AA
Apache-based Web Server hpuxwsApache B.
Tomcat-based Servlet Engine hpuxwsTomcat B.
Webmin-based Admin hpuxwsWebmin A.1.070.02
XML Web Server Tools hpuxwsXml A.2.00
Event Monitoring Service B7609BA A.04.11
HA Monitors B5736DA A.04.11
Partition Manager ParMgr B.


Known Problems

Any application which uses node and/or host names and has not been enhanced to handle expanded names longer than 8 and 64 bytes, respectively, may exhibit anomalous behavior or fail when longer names are used. Additional information on the use of this product including functional limitations is detailed in Node and Host Name Sizes on HP-UX. HPE strongly recommends that this paper be well understood before enabling this product. For the latest information, check your nearest HPE Support Center:


Additional product information
Product #: NodeHostNameXpnd
Version: B.11.23.01
Software specification: HP-UX 11i v2 September 2004 or later(NodeHostNameXpnd_B.11.23.01.depot)