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HP-UX Open Source Reference Architecture (OSRA) for Web Services

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Product details and specifications

HP-UX OSRA defines the set of open-source middleware, networking, and management software for HP-UX that enables a successful web-services solution deployment. All OSRA software is delivered and fully-supported by HPE.

OSRA products enable you to build and deploy open source based web services solutions. OSRA products have been selected and tested for interoperability. The HP-UX OSRA Blueprint and Configuration Guide describes how to integrate combinations of these products. The following table lists the components defined by HP-UX OSRA:

HP-UX OSRA 2.5 Components Delivery
& Support*
HP-UX 11i Web Server Suite: Tomcat Web Servlet Engine Bundled
HP-UX 11i Web Server Suite: Apache Web Server with popular modules and PHP 5 Bundled
Java Bundled
Perl Bundled
MySQL Enterprise Database Server Subscription
HP-UX Directory Server Bundled
HP-UX Bastille: security hardening/lockdown tool Bundled
HP-UX IPFilter: stateful system firewall Bundled
OpenSSL: Secure Sockets Layer protocol and cryptography library Bundled
HP-UX Secure Shell: ssh client and server Bundled
* Bundled: components are delivered free of charge on HP-UX and support is included with your HP-UX software support contract.
  Subscription: to obtain a subscription contact HPE.

features and benefits

OSRA helps you lower costs and reduce the risks associated with using open source software by providing:

  • Support: HPE offers a single source for support. All OSRA software is fully supported.
  • Flexibility: Use the complete set of OSRA component products, or individual component products. Integrate with commercial or other open-source software.
  • Proven Reliability: HP-UX is a proven, highly available base for deploying your solutions.
  • Value-added Features: HP-UX offers many additional products in the areas of virtualization, manageability, and security which help lower your overall costs.
  • Selection: OSRA components have been pre-selected to provide you with an integrated set of complementary open-source software needed to deploy web services on HP-UX.

get started now

Download some, or all, of the OSRA components, or choose one of the actions in the following table:

Download the HP-UX AMP Stack

Apache, Apache Modules, Tomcat,  and PHP

Internet Express (with MySQL Community Edition)

Perl, and mod_perl.

Order an Open Source Subscription


Download Open Source development tools (Ant, Eclipse and more) Internet Express
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Version: 2.5
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