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HPE P6000 Command View V9.4 Software Suite

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HPE P6000 Command View Software is a comprehensive software suite used to simplify management of the HPE P6000 Enterprise Virtual Array (EVA) family. Its ease of use makes this software attractive for mid to high-end SMB market applications as well as the enterprise market. Key differentiation includes powerfully simple management, efficient capacity utilization with thin provisioning and effective tiered storage configurations using the new Dynamic LUN/RAID migration capabilities. The P6000 Command View Software provides:

1. Comprehensive software for P6000 EVA management

P6000 Command View Software suite includes everything needed for managing P6000 EVA arrays from provisioning data quickly, to adjusting Vdisks and RAID groups on the fly with just a few mouse clicks. Modify the characteristics of an existing Vdisk using Dynamic LUN/RAID migration to quickly address changing business needs.

2. Reduced management costs

Flexible connectivity with expanded multi-SAN discovery increases value and lowers management costs compared to managing traditional arrays. Software suite includes a powerful scripting utility for documenting and automating P6000 EVA configuration tasks.

3. Deployment options

Implement Server-based management and/or Array-based management with the new P6000 EVA family.

4. Improved utilization

Better use existing capacity with reservationless thin provisioning.


Download HPE P6000 Command View Software v9.4 to try the software.

All features are functional for evaluation purposes only and cannot be used in a production EVA environment.

Features will function for 60 days.

Once you have experienced the demonstration you can activate HPE P6000 Command View in a production environment by ordering the appropriate media kit and software licenses.


Additional product information
Product #: P6000_CV
Version: See SW Specs
Software specification: HPE P6000 Command View V9.4 (T5494-10026.iso)
HPE P6000 Command View SSSU v9.4 (T5494-10027.iso)
HPE P6000 Command View Documentation v9.4 (T5494-10028.iso)
HPE P6000 Command View V9.4 ZiP (
Replication Solutions Manager Server Software v5.3 (T3680-10039.iso)
Replication Solutions Manager Host Agent Software v5.3 (T3680-10040.iso)
Replication Solutions Manager Documentation v5.3 (T3680-10041.iso)
HPE P6000 SmartStart Software For Linux Version 3.4 (T5505-10011.iso)
HPE P6000 SmartStart Software for Windows Version 3.4 (T5505-10012.iso)