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HP OpenView Performance Manager

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HP OpenView Performance Manager

The HP OpenView Performance manager, agents, and monitor combine to provide a powerful and flexible distributed management solution. This solution is a single interface for centrally monitoring, analyzing, and forecasting resource utilization for distributed multivendor environments, enabling you to offer the best possible level of service in a cost-effective manner.


  • A graphing function for monitoring performance in real time

  • A zoom feature for a more detailed look at metrics or graphs over a specific time period

  • Multiple graphing options, including linear, exponential and s-curve, all with confidence levels

  • Flexible report generation, including support for Adobe PostScript printers and the export of data to common formats

Additional Product Information:

performance manager

HP OpenView Performance manager is a powerful graphical analysis and planning tool. It is designed to analyze and project future resource utilization and performance trends.

Using historical data, the Performance manager lets you examine resource utilization and performance trends in-depth. With this information, you can then uncover bottlenecks that, if left unchecked, result in poor service levels.

By comparing activity levels, you can balance workloads, allocate resources, and deliver a quality of service that parallels business needs. You can also export performance data in various formats for use in capacity planning, statistical analysis, and spreadsheet applications.

performance agent

The HP OpenView Performance agent logs and collects data, then sends alarms about that data when necessary. The agent is installed on each system you plan to monitor.

With its powerful end-to-end application response measurement capabilities, the Performance agent is the core enabling technology in any service management strategy.

performance monitor

If real-time performance monitoring is desired, the optional HP OpenView Performance monitor allows operators to configure custom actions on alarms. Upon receiving a performance alarm, the HP OpenView Performance monitor initiates actions such as paging or sending electronic mail. It also provides alarm filtering by severity, type, or system node and interval-driven alarm status updates.

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