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HP-UX Processor Sets

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Product details and specifications

Processor sets provides a flexible mechanism for managing system processor resources among multiple workloads, users, and departments within an enterprise. A processor set represents a set of processors grouped together for exclusive access to applications assigned to that processor set. Each application is assigned to a processor set and will run only on processors in the assigned processor set.


  • Processor sets allow partitioning of the system into multiple Scheduling Allocation Domains, such that workloads running in different processor sets do not contend with one another for system processor resources. This capability makes server consolidation on large systems possible.
  • Resource management based on processor sets is completely hardware platform independent and can be used on any multi-processor system.
  • Processor sets are integrated with the HP-UX Process Resource Manager (PRM). A PRM group can be mapped to a processor set for processor resources rather than processor shares.

before using hp-ux processor sets

  • requirements

    Processor Sets runs only on HP-UX 11i release. Before using Processor Sets, be sure the HP-UX 11i June or later Quality Pack is installed on the system.

additional information

The Processor Sets Technical whitepaper and Process Resource Manager whitepaper provide additional product information. The Processor Sets Product Note provides feature and installation information. For information about using processor sets, see the HP Process Resource Manager User's Guide (HP-UX 11.0,HP-UX 11i). For command line information, see the psrset(1M) manpage in /usr/share/man after installation.

revision history

The version A. includes some critical core kernel and the processor set product patches. This version fixes a system panic problem when Process Resource Manager (PRM) is enabled, and the patches PHKL_30032 through PHKL_30036 or their superseding patches are installed. This version also fixes an install failure in absence of PRM product when some core kernel patches are present.


April 06, 2005
Additional product information
Product #: PSETS
Version: A.
Software specification: HP-UX11.11(PROCSETS_A.