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HP-UX Printer Management

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The HP-UX Printer Management tool is a web-based printer configuration software available on the HPE System Management Homepage (HPE SMH). This tool enables you to:

  • Add and configure local or network printers
  • Save and restore spooler configuration
  • Monitor print requests

The Printer Management tool provides a faster and a more convenient interface to configure and manage printers. In addition, the application also enables you to manage print requests from a client system.


The Printer Management tool supports the following features:

  • Start and stop print spooler
  • Add local, network, and remote printers
  • Enable and disable printers
  • Accept and reject print requests
  • Save and restore spooler configuration
  • View the list of common problems in printer management

The various tabs in the Printer Management tool are as follows:

  • Printers
  • Print Requests
  • Save/Restore Spooler Configuration

The Printers tab enables you to perform the following tasks:

  • Add a Serial RS-232 Printer
  • Add a Printer with Non-standard Device File
  • Add a Remote Printer
  • Add a Network Printer
  • Add a Printer to a TSM Terminal
  • View Printer Details
  • View Print Requests
  • Accept Print Requests
  • Reject Print Requests
  • Remove a Printer
  • Enable a Printer
  • Disable a Printer
  • Modify the Fence Priority
  • Set System Default Destination
  • View Common Problems

The Print Requests tab enables you to perform the following tasks:

  • Move a Print Request
  • Cancel a Print Request

The Save/Restore Spooler Configuration tab enables you to perform the following tasks:

  • Start the Print Spooler
  • Save the Spooler Configuration
  • Restore the Spooler Configuration
  • Stop the Print Spooler

For information about the current changes in the Printer Management tool, see HP-UX 11i Version 3 March 2009 Release Notes available on the HPE Technical Documentation website

Additional product information
Product #: PrinterConfig     
Additional info
Version: B.11.31.04
Software specification: HP-UX 11iv3(PrintCfg_B.11.31.04_HP-UX_B.11.31_IA_PA.depot)